Top 5 Best Air Dusters [Compressed and Carbon Dioxide Type]

Air Duster

A Compressed Air duster is very important for cleaning dust from all small parts, such as Computer keyboards and accessories, push-button telephone, ETC. But some manufacturers and brands that might people wondering which one to choose.

Therefore in this article, We would like to introduce the famous products of Compressed Air duster, and according to the buying guide on how to choose. By the way, if you read this article, I am sure you should get a Compressed Air duster that makes you comfortable and easy!

How to Choose a Compressed Air Duster – Buying Guide

There are many points that we still consider choosing this product, and we also include how do you take the gas inside, and please careful when selecting an Air duster for your equipment.

Considering Environment, Carbon Dioxide type is better

Carbon Dioxide Air Duster

When choosing the gas type and if you think about the environment, you can purchase a Carbon Dioxide that meets on the Green Law compliant products standard, which is set by the government. So it is a better idea to read and follow the guide on using the product.

Take consideration of the smell of the gas of the products

Considerable smell of the gas

Some people don’t like the unusual odor to Air duster, so we recommend the odor that is an essential type of gas. By the way, if you are sensitive to odors, and then please try those types which are considerable for you.

Even though there is considerable odor gas type, then, of course, you still need to be cautious about ventilation. So please be careful!

Worried about fire, you can choose a non-combustible type!

Non-Combustible Type Gas Duster

When you are worried about fire and explosions, we recommend the products which are a non-combustible gas. The Air duster that uses flammable gas is prohibited from fire, so please be careful when using it. But if you are worried, you should select the non-combustible gas type.

A type which can do upside down when cleaning

Convenient Air Duster

You can choose a spray type that can do upside down, which will help you more convenient when cleaning. You can clean the dirt on your devices from various angles.

It is designed this type so that the liquefied gas inside does not come out as it is, or even it is used upside down. So you can use the product without bothering about failure or short circuit caused by liquefied gas.

Eco friendly and Rechargeable Air Duster

Eco-friendly and Rechargeable Air Duster

This type of Air Duster does not require or use gas, so it does not smell and does not create dust in the spray can, so it is Eco-friendly. Since it is air type, it can be used even the can is inverted upside down.

However, the air volume in this type is not sufficient for those who have usually used spray type air duster, and because it does not compress and inject air.

If you even use frequently, the set is more convenient

Set of Air Dusters

If you have a lot of equipment and cameras other than laptops, we suggest buying them as a set. You can buy it at a better price than buying alone, and you can retain it with stock so that you can use it without any interruption.

Also, it is advisable to have multiple air dusters for one cleaning. You can restrict the can from getting heat and the jet from slowing down.

Top 5 Best Air Dusters to Buy Online

Right here, we will introduce the recommended products of Air Dusters based on the highest review online, and we carefully select those products which have high quality and impression.

1. Opolar Battery Operated Air Duster

Opolar Air Duster
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Best Electric-type which can be used without gas

The Air Duster that can blow off more. Since it is rechargeable, so you can use a cable-less type product and can be used anywhere, indoors, and interior cleaning. Since it has no gas, there is no need to worry about the danger of odors or fire.

2. Compressed MECO High pressure Air Duster

MECO Air Duster
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With many types of nozzles, use for multiple purposes

The AC-powered model air duster can be used regularly in your equipment. By using a large, medium, and small nozzles properly, from air conditioner filer to gaps in computer keyboards.

3. Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas

Check Price Dust-Off Gas at Amazon

Powerful injection of non-fluorocarbon gas Air Duster

This product has a non-fluorocarbon type canned air duster that is friendly to the global ecosystem. It is nice to have a bitter component to prevent accidental inhalation. In addition to the strong injection power of gas, it can be used upside down without dripping, so it is comfortable to use at all angles.

4. Maxwell 190026 Canned Air Duster

Maxwell Air Duster
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Display its power, Best for home cleaning Air Duster

This product complies with the Green Purchasing Law with a global warming potential of less than 1. With its powerful jet spray, it blows the dirt and dust away quickly, and it’s useful in all scenes, such as computers, screen doors, furniture gaps, and ventilation fan filters, ETC.

5. Max Professional 1229 Blow Off Duster

Blow Off Duster
Check Blow Off Duster at Amazon

Can be sprayed freely from any angle that makes you comfortable

This product will give you comfort while cleaning your equipment, and can freely move. The Blow Off duster has a 2-way detachable nozzle that can use for various purposes. It can be used upside down, and it can be ejected from various angles with a freely moving nozzle.

Precautions when using an air duster!

Precaution when using Air Duster

The Air Dusters is a high flammable pressure gas that is strictly prohibited from fire Or never uses it on the side of a gas stove, and or the gas stove is on fire.

Also, if you use this product upside down, the liquid may come out from inside, so please read the instruction on the can carefully and use it with safety.

How to use the Air Duster properly

When adding an Air duster, use each one as short and diligently as possible. Instead of spraying for a long time, it is better to use it several times.

As mentioned before, if the air duster is continuously injected for a long time, the temperature of vaporization will make it cold and the injection force will be decreased. To prevent this from happening, you should spray it in several short time.

Summary and Review

Alright! At this time, we already have introduced the popular products of Air Duster including the buyers guide. There are many Air Duster which is easy to use, and very useful for cleaning, but there are also dangerous aspects if you use it incorrectly. Please use it correctly, and use this as your reference when choosing the right Air duster for you needs.

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