Top 5 Best Audio Interfaces to Buy Online

Audio Interfaces are the equipment that you need when listening to your favorite music on your computer, playing guitars, and so much more. There are many manufacturers such as Presonus, Exmax, Roland and RME are developing these audio interfaces with different sound quality and prices. However, there is a lot of technical specifications of the product description, so it would be hard to determine which product to choose. Furthermore, picking the right audio interfaces is a cumbersome task, especially for the first time to buy.

Therefore, we will discuss the recommended products based on the top priority and attractive to the people among many audio interfaces online. Hence, we will include tips and points on how to choose and the comparison.

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What is an Audio Interface?

An audio interface is an audio input or output for music recording and production used to connect the instrument to unify the sound, such as music or a personal computer to the audio interfaces. The perception of the sound is to take an input place to the audio interface, and when we check the sound quality, we will hear at the audio output interface.

How to choose an audio interface – Buying Guide

Then, We will now reveal the points on how you get the quality when choosing an audio interface, so be sure to keep in mind and pay attention to the most following importance that you need to consider.

Choose with PC connection terminal

The first thing we need to notice is that there is a connection terminal that will connect to the physical personal computer. However, there are different types of terminals that audio interface paired to your personal computers such as Thunderbolt, USB, and Firewire, and which will depend on the PC you have.

Choose a product that has an Audio input terminal

Also, let’s consider the terminals used for audio input recording. There are many types of input terminals for music production such as , so lets shortly assume the types of terminals before we dig in into our decisions, before that you must check the type and also the number of terminals.

Check and choose the sound quality performance

Finally, the last thing is to check and determine the audio quality, and which indicates the quality of the sound interface. There are two important representations one is, Sample rate, and the second is Quantization bit depth. Both have a unit used Sample rate in kHz, and Quantization is in bits.

Top 5 Best Audio Interfaces to Buy Online

Here we are, let’s now introduce the top best products of the popular audio interface in the ranking format. However, the audio interface is the most necessary part when using Desktop Music. Choose and think wise to get the best Audio Interfaces for your needs.

1. Yamaha Steinberg Audio Interface

Yamaha Steinberg UR22MKII Audio Interface
Check Price at Amazon UR22MKII

This audio interface UR22MKII is a very popular product that has a high degree of perfection that rank in the first position. It has 24-bit 192kHz audio quality, and the body covered material is very hard and can easily carry away without bothering. Furthermore, It is also a best seller online or at the musical instrument stores.

2. Roland Ad Capture Audio Interface

UA-55 Roland Ad Capture Audio Interface
Check Price at Amazon UA-55 Audio Interface

One of the finest manufacturers of an audio interface is Roland, and yet it is a standard and recommended product with high sound quality and noise reduction. This audio technology designed and developed by Roland, and achieves with stable and low latency operation. It is advisable for everyone from professionals, beginners, to advanced.

3. Behringer U-Phoria Audio Interface

UM2 Behringer Audio Interface
Check Price at Amazon UM2 Audio Interface

This Audio Interface is very affordable, and it has many functions. Although the input or output terminals is limited and simple but easy to understand, so even novices still can use it. With this popular product, it has a high-quality recording because the phantom power supply is combined.

4. Tascam US-4×4 4-Channel Audio Interface

US-4x4 Tascam 4-Channel Audio Interface
Check Price at Amazon Tascam US-4x4

This product is almost affordable, and yet it is hard and well made this audio interface. The manufacturer established this brand durable and well-known product in the world of music. The sound is very clear and perfect with a compact audio interface.

5. Zoom Uac-2 Audio Interface

Zoom Uac-2 Audio Interface
Check Price at Amazon  Uac-2 Audio Interface

There are many audio interfaces compatible only with USB2.0, which is considerably low speed and achieving delay. By in this product, it will support USB3.0 that extremely at high speed. Furthermore, the number of terminals is quite normal with basic functions and recommended for everyday use.


Alright, We have already discussed the top popular audio interfaces that are available online. How did you find you’re preferred products. An audio interface that is useful for your music production, and activities as well as that you will use it for too long. However, please refer to the buying guide and get your favorite audio interface.

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