Best Affordable System Software in the Philippines

system software philippines

Desktop and Cloud systems dominate and divide the global Software industry, and today we’re going to talk about the latter, Choosing the best software can become a cumbersome task, especially after seeing the many different developers in the market.

Maintain reading as we introduce a guide on how you can choose the right Software for your business needs. We’ll also throw you one of the best Software in the Philippines, so be sure to check that out as well.

How to choose software in the Philippines – Guide

Before we get to the list of System Software, let’s check out some useful information and tips on how to choose the best software to suit your business. After reading through our guide, you should be able to get a pretty good idea about which System to buy.

Lightweight Software is perfect for Low CPU specs

Software that will fit the minimum specification of your computer, In the long run, the data extends more, and the processor of your computer cannot load properly.

But then, as you may already know, the larger the capacity of the Computer the more excellent, and it is the more natural to load than a lower CPU, so it’s up to your convenience or needs.

Find nearby offices to get easy support and troubleshoot

One of the important when you have a system software subscribed, is to have the nearest location for the support. In some cases, if your system shuts down and needs immediate action. You not be worried if the office of the provider is accessible.

Hence, Cebu or Central Visayas is the recommended location all over the Philippines. Moreover, The advantage of this is that the Support team can go directly in 1 ride from its destination to all over the Philippines.

Accessible for cloud or local According to your needs

When you are going somewhere, and the system you choose is local. It is challenging to have a report if your server is hosted only with the local network. The advantage of this is not accessible on the Internet and prevents hackers from accessing it.

In terms of technology, The online network is the safest base system that is generally called a cloud. The advantage of this is when you are out of town. You can still access your reports online. But if the site of your business lost its connection. However, the problem is your report won’t be submitted.

Best Affordable System Software in the Philippines

Now that we’ve discussed the details you need to know before you buy Software for your business, let’s go ahead and check out the Best Commonly used Programs in the Philippines.

3. Point Of Sale(POS) Local and Cloud Integrated

Best Point of Sale in Cebu

Point of Sale System that caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It’s also capable of being used in Groceries, Pharmacies, Restaurants, and Meat Shop. It was also, Accredited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR) in the Philippines. The module includes Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory. It’s designed to be light and user-friendly.

The POS is capable of an online Cloud system based, Moreover, when the system goes offline, still manageable and data will flow when the internet is available.

2. Accounting Management System Cloud-Based

Best Accounting System in the Philippines

The robust enterprise of financial management includes Customer and Sales Management, Payables, Warehousing, Accounting, and Finance for businesses.

It is also capable of an online and cloud-based system. This system is also integrated into our 3 in 1 POS software, and Payroll System.

It has a feature to create multiple warehouse inventories. It allows transferring from one branch to another. and real-time financial statements.

1. Human Resource Payroll Software

Best Payroll System in the Philippines

It is a well-defined system for managing employee records and payroll. It can calculate the number of working days of Employees.

With automatic mandatory deduction (SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, HDMF, and Withholding tax), Generates Payslips, Management Analysis Reports, and monitors loans with the ledger.


Remember before using the software, the first thing to do is check the minimum CPU requirements you want to use, and because the software will not have a normal function if your Computer specs are less than necessary. Also, Double-check the terms and conditions based on the level of the agreement made by the provider.

So be sure to check your software before you install it. Having cloud-based data should have double protection. Sometimes we do not know what will happen to our PC or laptop, but if you keep your data in the cloud, there’s almost no risk, and you can also load it anywhere, anytime you want.

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