Top 6 Best Cad Mouse to Buy Online

AutoCAD work is using dedicated software, and yet there are many detailed operations by using the mouse, such as selecting figures, ranges, drawing lines, ETC., and that’s why you need a high-performance mouse that is easy to handle and operate. However, there are many types of mouse, and it will be hard to choose which one is suitable for AutoCAD work and what will be the specification to find.

So this is the time we picked up points for choosing a CAD Mouse. In addition, We will also introduce the top-recommended Mouse for CAD, which is popular in ranking order. And if you find a CAD mouse that suits you, then it would be very great.

How to Choose a Mouse for CAD – Buying Guide

What are those required for a CAD mouse, and what would be the high level of operational performance? In CAD work, there are many cases of creating figures and selecting a small range. Since the line may draw with delicate operations and the same command may be repeated, the response is good, and the use of a high-performance mouse with many buttons increases the work efficiency, and work will be smooth without stress.

Also, since the mouse operation is more central than a keyboard in CAD work, the hand will reduce the burden due to long working hours. Hence, you’ll need a CAD mouse of your choice and create a comfortable working environment.

Choose with DPI adjustment function

Conducting operation sensitivity is the most important in CAD work. Therefore, select a product that is easy to operate in detail, and also that can adjust the DPI value that will respond to what you expected.

Moreover, if you lower the DPI value, the mouse moves slowly, and which is useful for making finer adjustments. Although you can change the operation sensitivity in the properties, and it is very recommended to use a mouse that can adjust in the mouse functions Because it will reduce the efficiency if you open it during your work.

Choose the Mouse that has Multi Buttons

For AutoCAD work, A multi-button mouse that can register frequently used commands is convenient. Also, Multi-button Mouse can be assigned shortcut keys and used in conjunction with AutoCAD key customization.

You can also use “Ctrl + L” by assigning the Line that often used and registering the functions to the mouse button. The more keys you have, the more keys you can assign, so the more convenient if you have the multi-button mouse, and the more comfortable it will be.

Choose Ergonomic CAD Mouse design

For CAD work, the mouse is performing for a long time, so an ergonomic mouse that will fit comfortably and easy to operate signifies recommended. Hence, it fits naturally in your hands when you hold it in your wrist in a comfortable position.

If you’re tired of your hands when you use your mouse for a long time or feeling your shoulders are sticky, then you can try one of the ergonomic CAD Mouse.

Choose and try a Trackball Mouse

For those who want to operate the mouse without moving their hands, consider a product with trackballs. The mouse has a trackball for operation, and you can still work without moving the mouse just by turning the ball. The operation of the trackball requires a bit of familiarity, but use by many people who use it for CAD work.

Choose the wireless CAD Mouse

The presence or absence of a Mouse cable matter of reference, but if you want to avoid getting a cord caught during CAD work operation. A wireless mouse still recommended. Hence, the wireless mouse does not interfere with you, and it is suitable.

However, Wireless Mouse is heavier compared with the Wired Mouse. If you prefer lightness, then you might choose a wired CAD mouse.

Top 6 Best Cad Mouse to Buy Online

Let’s now take a look at the popular products available online in ranking format, which is also on how to choose the best Mouse for CAD that you have seen.

6. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Cad Mouse
Check Price at Amazon UtechSmart Venus cad

A multi-button mouse that many people use for a purpose other than games. There are about 20 buttons that can be customized, and it can memorize considerable for Cad commands.

It also supports switching from 250 to a maximum of 8200 DIP. A Recommended for those who want to make finer adjustments, or who want to improved convenience by registering many commands.

5. Razer Basilisk Essential Mouse

Razer Basilisk Essential Gaming Mouse
Check Price at Amazon Razer Basilisk Essential

Razer Basilisk is a highly accurate mouse with high DPI that is very evaluated among the gaming mouse. A dedicated clutch for adjusting the DPI installed when making adjustment easy while operating your cad work.

Since it is a gaming mouse, you can customize buttons, and it is more convenient to assign a command used for CAD to each in every button.

4. Corsair Wireless RGB Mouse

Corsair Wireless RGB Mouse
Check Price at Amazon Corsair

A simple design mouse, and which has three modes function of connection such as, low latency Bluetooth, super-fast sub-1ms slipstream wireless, and USB wired. It has a countered shape that sculpted for palm grips, and it gives comfort when using in cad design. Also, it has a custom PixArt with a native 18,000 DPI optical sensor with 1 DPI resolution for ultra-accurate tracking, and which has ten fully programmable buttons to customize, with powerful macros and key Remaps will give you also an in-game advantage.

3. Logitech 2S Wireless Mouse

Logitech 2S Wireless Mouse
Check Price at Amazon Logitech 2S Wireless

A cross computer control in Cad design, and which quickly changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on every point during Cadwork is advisable. It also with dual connectivity that capable of Windows, Mac computers by using a unifying receiver or Bluetooth wireless technology. With the advance ergonomic design perfectly sculpted, and handcrafted shape supports your hands and wrist for a comfortable experience. Furthermore, the battery has 70 days of power on a single charge.

2. 3DConnexion Space 3D Mouse

3DConnexion Space 3D Mouse
Check Price at Amazon 3DConnexion Space 3D

A full-sized cad mouse and which is soft-coated hand rest 3d connexion six-degrees of freedom sensor, and it has a capability to quick view keys, and rotation toggle intelligent key. Also, it has an on-screen display, keyboard modifiers, virtual Numpad, and 15 programmable keys. This mouse is also a corded type with approximately 3 feet with a 2-months lifespan lithium ion-polymer battery.

1. Logitech Wireless trackball

Logitech Wireless trackball Cad Mouse
Check Price at Amazon Logitech Cad mouse

Logitech MX ERGO MXTB1 is the most advisable for those who do CAD work and designed to reduce hand fatigue by adjusting the angle of the hand that is easy to hold.

It is an attractive product that can be said to be an assortment of functions desired for CAD, such as a function to adjust DPI with one button and a trackball that moves the pointer without moving the mouse.


At this time, We already introduced several ways to select a CAD mouse. Also, there are many types of Mouse, but it is necessary to determine the functions required for CAD and choose a mouse that suits you. Compare and review the product with how you want this article, and get a perfect CAD mouse for you.

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