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Top 8 Best Canon Lenses to Buy Online

Replacement camera lenses are essential to enjoy SLR and mirrorless single-lens cameras. Among the other brands, Canon is advisable because there are low-cost lenses, and also for beginners that are easy to choose. However, when choosing a camera lens, it is difficult especially for words such as zoom lens, telephoto, focus, and wide-angle are often associated with it, so you might wonder what type to choose.

This time, we will introduce a Canon lens selection and popular products in rank order. If you get the best Camera lenses, then you should be able to take those pictures better every day. Please look for the right lens for your camera.

Canon Lenses for Beginners that will enjoy Shooting

Canon Lenses for Beginners

Canon is known as a manufacturer camera brand for beginners. And yet a large number of cameras and lenses make it easy to enjoy photography. The AF autofocus functions that track the subject is well-established, so even beginners can enjoy bird watching, or fit for children during an athletic meet.

However, Canon is also a printer manufacturer, and It defines by being particular about the expression of developed photographs.

Canon lenses that enjoyed from portraits to landscapes while taking beautiful photos. Also, there are many relatively inexpensive ones, So let’s enjoy the various expression while polishing your shooting skills.

How to choose Camera Lenses – Buying Guide

Before we get to the list of the recommended products, let us know first on how to choose Camera lenses. Let’s find out and take down a note.

Choose the right Camera lenses

When choosing a camera lens, it is necessary to have a suitable mount. By the way, the mount is the standard for connecting the camera body and lenses. In this case, the lens cannot attach, so it is necessary to know the mount for each camera.

EF-M mount for mirrorless interchangeable camera lenses

EF-M mount for mirrorless interchangeable Camera lenses

Canon lenses divided into mirror-less and SLR cameras. If you are using a mirrorless interchangeable camera lens, then make sure that the mount is EF-M or RF.

RF is a new standard that appeared in 2018, which has a higher performance than EF-M and much more expensive. If you want to use it for a long time and stick with the functions, you can dare to use an RF mount, but if you are a beginner, a reasonable EF-M mount is sufficient.

Moreover, EF-M is a lens for a mirrorless single camera lens, but if you have a special adapter, then you can attach it to a single reflex camera lens.

SLR Mounts has different Older sizes

There are two mounts for SLR cameras: EF-S and EF. The appropriate Mount depends on the sizes of the camera, so make that the dimensions of your camera are full size or APS-C.

For APS-Cameras, both EF-S and EF mount lenses used. Furthermore, the full-size camera is an EF mount option. In terms of performance, the full-size EF mount is better. However, there are many expensive disadvantages, and the lens itself becomes heavy.

Choose Focal lenght and Lens type

There are two types of camera lenses: single focus and zoom lenses. Also, take note of the focal length when getting pictures you want.

Types of lenses like zoom lens and single focus lens

Single focus lenses are advisable for people who have decided where or what they want to shoot. As the name suggests, a single-focus camera is a lens with a single focal point. Since there is no zoom function, it is necessary to move and decide the angle of view, but there is also an advantage that blurring tends to occur. The big attraction is that you can enjoy professional viewing photos with extremely blurred back.

Furthermore, if you want a lens that can handle a variety of subjects, then a zoom lens that can adjust the distance to the point is advisable. The point is that you can control the distance things such as birds and airplanes flying.

Take note to various function that uses more conveniently

Canon’s lens has a different type of function, but there are some of the most common uses. Choose one that has these functions according to your wants and needs.

The lens with IS in the specs is a lens with a camera shake correction mechanism. The feature is that there is a little blur when looking through the viewfinder and the subject captured firmly. You can make beautiful photos even at dusk, in dark rooms, or where you can’t use the strobe, so be sure to give it a try.

Furthermore, there is a type of lens called USM. USM which can focus quickly, and quietly is useful during AF. There is also another type of lens motor is the STM, but this is more expensive. as for performance, USM is better, so keep in mind.

Top 8 Best Canon Lenses to Buy Online

From here, you already know how to choose Camera lenses, this time, we will now to move on the best products that will fit your Camera. Check this out.

The 3 Best Canon Single Focus lenses

3. Wide angle and Single focus Lenses

Canon EF-S 24mm Single Focus E Mount Lenses
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A wide-angle lens recommended for those looking for a compact single-camera focus lense. It has featured a thin figure called a pancake lens, and it fits in a small bag and compared to the size of the angle of view, the number of F2.8 is a little unsatisfactory, but it is advisable for those who want to enjoy a single focus at a very affordable cost.

2. EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM

Canon EF-S 24mm Single Focus E Mount Lenses
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A macro lens that can be focused even when it reaches the limit, such as drops or small item dripping on petals. Because it is an EF mount, it is advisable for both full-size and APS-C users.

Although the macro lens used for close-up, it used for landscape photography and portraits without any problems. In addition to the IS unit for image stabilization, high-performance AF control, and dustproof specifications, there are also a lot of charms unique to L lenses that demand professional quality, and it is advisable as a medium telephoto as well as a macro lens.

1. Canon EF50mm F1.8 STM

Canon EF50mm F1.8 STM
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The 5 Best Canon Camera Zoom lenses

5. Super Wide angle zoom Lens

Check Price at Amazon EF-S10-18mm

A super wide-angle lens recommended for those who want to dynamically photograph. A wide-angle lens that captured in a range that cannot be seen by humans has a unique appeal.

Two shots of the person standing and the background, towering buildings can be magnificently represented. Because it is lightweight and inexpensive, it is also advisable for those who want to try a wide-angle lens for the first time.

4. Canon RF24-105mm F4L IS USM

Canon RF24-105mm F4L IS USM
Check Price at Amazon Canon RF24-105mm

A medium telephoto lens recommended for those who want to enjoy shooting with a higher-grade machine with specifications that have evolved over the conventional equivalent lens, both weight reduction and high performance realized.

Since the focal length is more extensive, the size of the lens itself is large, and about 700g is a moderately light category. The recommended for those who do not want to change lenses frequently.

3. Canon EF70-300mm F4-5.6 IS II USM

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 is II USM Lens
Check Price at Amazon Canon EF 70-300mm

A telephoto lens that recommended for those who want to take a picture of a distance subject. The lens body is large, but it covers up to a far distance with a maximum focal length of 300mm.

The price is also relatively low, and when combined with a camera stand, along time shooting is not a problem. The autofocus show is excellent, and yet you can focus on moving objects.

2. Canon EF24-70mm F2.8L II USM

Canon EF24-70mm F2.8L II USM
Check Price at Amazon Canon EF24-70mm

This lens is advisable for those who want a higher-performance standard zoom lens. The aperture is perfect at F2.8. And you can enjoy blur while manipulating the distance.

Furthermore, it is also attractive for its high dust and water resistance, if it is a little rainy wind, you can continue shooting without worrying about it. It is expensive because it is a high-quality L lens series, but it is advisable for those who want to enjoy full-scale shooting.

1. Canon EF-S55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM

Canon EF-S55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM
Check Price at Amazon Canon EF-S55-250mm

This camera lens is advisable for those who want to enjoy a telephoto lens at a reasonable price. Since it covers from 55mm close to the standards lens, it is ideal for those who want to shoot a wode-range.

Furthermore, it is a super lightweight lens with a weight of approximately 375g, and it is a great attraction even if you hold it. AF performance that does not miss a momentary shutter chance, such as flowers blooming in front of the eyes. This

The new model EF-S55-250mm F4-5.6 IS II is also on sale. Although there is a lot of evaluation that there is not much difference in usability, the new model has a high-class appearance.


We introduced the best canon lenses by type and its order. How did you like it? If you know exactly where and what you want to shoot, you can easily decide which lens you want. Let’s bring out the charm of the camera with a new lens while thinking about your preferences.

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