Top 3 Best Drawing Tablets to Buy Online

Top 3 Best Drawing Tablets to Buy Online

Drawing Tablet is helpful where you can easily enjoy your digital art without being connected to a PC, and recommended for those people who paint for work or hobbies. However, The Operating System, Size, pen type, and functionalities may vary depending on the model. There are many manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Wacom, and which is hard to choose.

At this time, we will introduce how to choose a drawing tablet and popular products in rank order with a general ranking format. Besides art drawing tablets, PCs also can use in a variety of any other ways. Choose your product immediately that is easy for you to use.

Feel free to enjoy drawing tablets

A drawing tablet that allows you to draw illustrations directly on the screen with a touch pen. Unlike liquid tabs and pen tabs, the central device equipped with an Operating System with the most attractive aspects of drawing tablets that you can enjoy digital arts anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, the hand and the display screen match, it is easy to use from adults and children, and also possible to work intuitively. A drawing tablet is useful not only for professionals, such as manga artists, illustrators, and designers but also for people who want to draw illustrations as a hobby.

Finally, you can carry out your drawing tablet and use it outdoors. If you work with clearance time, then you can improve efficiency. Choose immediately the model that suits you and get the best specification of drawing tablets.

How to choose Drawing Tablets – Buying Guide

At this time, we will discuss how to choose and let us consider the tips and points to get the quality that we need on drawing tablets.

Choose the Operating System that will suit you

Several types of Operating systems installed on a drawing tablet, but it depends on how the manufacturer chooses. For example, IOS, which used by most of the professionals around the world due to its high design, capability, and support long-term updates. It is also attractive that the application is secure.

Furthermore, Windows has a reputation for being easy to do digital art the same as a PC, and Android has a rich lineup of manufacturers and prices.

Choose 10 inches or larger screen

The screen size of a drawing tablet varies from a compact one close to a smartphone or a personal computer. Smaller is more comfortable to carry, but it is harder to see the screen or efficiency becomes worse, so much better to choose what suits your usage.

The recommended size for both workability and portability is a 10Inch screen. Otherwise, if you use it for a hobby or less frequently, then 7 to 8 inches is enough. If you are a professional user and need precise work, then you can comfortably use 13 inches or more.

The visibility of the screen also depends on the display resolution. Even if the price is high, the higher the resolution, the better the drawing performance. Therefore, when choosing a smaller screen, it is better to focus on the high resolution drawing tablet.

Choose Digitizer pen, and it is advisable for beginners

Touches as line thickness and shading determined by the pen pressures sensitivity, but the pressure level varies depending on the product. 1024levels are enough for play and children, but if you want to use for full-scale drawing, then you need at least 2048levels or more.

Moreover, if you want to represent with a natural touch like drawing on a paper, we recommend a digitizer pen compatible with the product with pen pressure sensing. The adjustment of the thickness of the line is easy, and you can enjoy it very well. If you use a digitizer pen, you can also enjoy drawing without stress, or even if you are a beginner.

Choose a drawing tablet with a tilt detection function

If you are particular with the beauty of the line, then choose a product with a tilt function. As the name suggests, you can read the tilt of the pen and finely adjust the thickness and shade of the line, so there are no mistakes that the line is misaligned.

Depending on how many times the tilt of the pen detected, as long as the tilt detection function reproduce delicate touches lie a paintbrush and draw your artwork with confident.

Choose a drawing table that body is adjustable

The preference for using a drawing tablet may vary between individuals. If you do not care about portability, there is an option to use a tablet stand, but if you want to concentrate on drawing for a long time, then we recommend choosing a model with a body adjustment stand.

If the angle adjusted in several stages, it is effective to improve the difficulty in viewing the screen. Even the workers who suffer from back pain and shoulder stiffness are safe.

Choose and check drawing tablets durability

You can use your tablet on the go, but there are many dangers such as rain and dust while you are out. For those who use outside from home, it is advisable to have waterproof and dustproof.

Even if you are intended to use it carefully, if you carry it around in a crowded area, then you may collide with people or fall over. Also, you must check the recommended impact resistance.

Pay attention and choose the right manufacturer

If you are unsure about choosing a drawing tablet, then you can choose from Microsoft, Apple, Wacom, and which recommended for drawing. For example, Apple, which sells iPads, iPads are a famous brand because of its stylish design and ease of use.

Microsoft, which sells the Surface series, and also supported by creators from various industries, has an immeasurable reputation for app usability and speed.

Wacom is a great manufacturer that accounts for 80% of the world market, from beginners and hobbyists to professional creators.

Top 3 Best Drawing Tablets to Buy Online

Now, let us introduce the top-recommended drawing tablets products, including 2in1 PCs specialized in drawing functions in a current ranking format.

1. iPad Pro 10.5inch Wifi model

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 512GB) Silver (Latest Model)
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“Multi-use tablet” For drawing hobbies and work

This is the most popular drawing tablet PC that recommended for use by professional users. The price is higher compared to other manufacturers, but because it is made by Apple, famous for Mac and iPhone, the reliability of the product endorsed.

A separate Apple Pencil that is seamless and easy to hold is an excellent one that allows you to freely switch functions such as line, thickness, color, and eraser with a single tap. Use that easily changed just by attaching to the main body with a magnet.

2. Wacom Pro 13 Mobile Studio

Wacom Pro 13 DTHW1320H Mobile Studio Windows 10, Intel Core i7
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A display with little parallax” Recommended for professionals who want free creative activities

Wacom Pro 13 is a product that sticks to ease of drawing and ease of use unique to Wacom. The dedicated Wacom Pro Pen 2 has the highest sensitivity, and it is highly appreciated that even with digital, it is easy to produce shades that match the writing pressure, and natural drawing is possible. It is not for beginners at all because there is no drawing software, but it is also attractive that there is much software that used because it is compatible with Windows. By utilizing the multi-touch function and freely customizable function keys on the screen, you will be able to enjoy stress-free creative activities.

3. Microsoft  Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
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A tablet that uses Intel’s high-performance processor and used for high-spec applications other than painting. Although sold separately, the dedicated accessory Surface Pen has a high-pressure sensitivity detection level and has a reputation for ease of drawing that is the same as an analog pen tip. Although it is difficult to carry because of the large screen, it comes with a kick stunt that finely adjusted to near horizontal. It is popular that you can draw in any style on your desk or knee.


We introduced the top-recommended products for drawing tablets in a great ranking format. If you have a drawing tablet, you can enjoy the art anytime, anywhere without paper or pen. Tablet PC is also a tool that supports your sensibility, so if you choose a product that is perfect for you, then you can finish your work.