Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Cases to Buy Online

Nintendo Switch that you can play further to protect against falling and impact. Also, it is safe to have a proper case when carrying it. However, in Nintendo genuine products, there are many types of compact case and a large capacity case that contains docks and pro computers, and also a hard Nintendo case that resists shock.

This time, along with how to choose a case for the Nintendo Switch, we will also introduce the popular products in rank order. There are many types to be added, like portable type and all-in-one type. Choose the perfect Nintendo case according to your play style and needs.

How to choose a case for Nintendo Switch – Buying Guide

Before we presented the best Nintendo Switch case in rank order, let’s check the points and tips on how to choose the right case for you.

Choose Compact case for portable mode and table mode

If you’re on the go and you want to carry around to play in portable mode and or a table mode, we recommend a compact case, and which includes the unit and Joy-con. Because it is a compact, then you can carry it in your bag at any time.

If you play in mobile mode, the type that restored with Joy-con attached to the unit is convenient. Hence, you don’t need to install Joy-con every time. However, you can play as soon as you wanted, such as a little free time or traveling on the bus.

Moreover, if the Joy-con is left attached, then the width will be long and difficult to carry around. If you often to play with friends on the go in table-mode, then we recommend removing the Joy-con and storing it separately.

Play in TV mode with all in one case that includes adapters

If you want to play with a big screen using a TV, all in one case that contains all the necessary is advisable. Besides, in TV mode to the Nintendo Switch, Joy-Con, Switch Dock, HDMI cable, and AC adapter are required.

With all in one typical Nintendo case, all of these are necessary can be store together. It is also possible to safely carry devices other than the unit and also make it difficult to forget.

Check the Nintendo Switch case number of pockets

Let’s check the number of pockets that can hold game cards and SD cards. Depending on the product, there are cards storage pockets that do not have one, and those that can hold 10. If you want to play a variety of software depending on your mood, and also a case that can hold a lot is more convenient.

Moreover, there are Nintendo Card cases in which are available, so you can still store those cards in one hand. Of course, if you only want to play on the go with the software or the downloaded version.

Check storage Pro controller and Joy-con charging grip

If there are other items that you want to carry with you, you can check if they can be stored many devices to use with your Nintendo Switch, such as pro controllers, Joy-con charging grips, and earphones for playing outside.

If these devices can be stored together in the Nintendo Switch case, then you can play smoothly because of no need to worry about falling apart in the bag. Because it protects from dust, it is also advisable for those who are looking for storage at home, which tends to be scattered.

Choose that is capable Shock and water resistant

Anyway, if you want to protect the Nintendo Switch from impacts, the case of hard material is advisable. The hard materials are typically EVA material, which also used in Nintendo Genuine products. EVA material is relatively light and shock-resistant.

It would be great that it won’t break even if it falls or if it hits a bag. If you often to carry a single Nintendo switch case without putting it in your backpack, you may check the waterproof type that is capable of sudden rain.

Soft material that is slim and compact Nintendo Switch case

If you want a slimmer and more compact case, a soft Nintendo Switch case is advisable. Nintendo cases using soft materials such as felt and polyester are lighter than thick materials, so they are perfect for those who want to make their luggage lighter.

Some cases are elastic and easy to remove. Also, you can expect the effect of preventing scratches and reducing the impact even if it is not as hard. It is especially advisable for those who want to block dents.

That is easy to carry Nintendo Switch cases

If you don’t usually carry a bag with you, a case with a handle is advisable. If you often take a backpack, then you can put a Nintendo case in it, but if you are a child while going to a friend’s house with just a game console.

In such cases, it is more convenient to have a handle that held like a bag. Some types have straps that passed through the wrist. If that is the case, then it will be easier to prevent accidents where the hand slips and falls, and it’s also useful for adults who don’t prefer carrying a bag.

Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Case to Buy Online

From here, we already introduced the tips and necessary on how to choose the right case for your Nintendo Switch, and you might ready to pick the popular products in rank order. Furthermore, it is a portable type and more convenient for mobile and table-mode.

1. Heystop Nintendo Switch Case

HEYSTOP Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Lite Console
Check Price at Amazon Heystop Nintendo Switch Case

A rigid EVA construction textured fabric and leatherette materials Nintendo Switch cases and which stored game consoles, 8games, and small accessories in the package. Unlike the other Nintendo Switch cases of an iron head, they used a high-quality nylon zipper for durability. Because to avoid the left Joy-cons scratch risk.

2. Kootek Shockproof Nintendo Switch Case

Kootek Large Shockproof Carrying Storage Case for Nintendo Switch
Check Price at Amazon Kootek Large Shockproof

In addition to the Nintendo Switch cases unit, a large-capacity case can hold plenty of game cards, adapters, and earphones and which is advisable for people who have a lot of accessories. The cushioned fabric on the inside is the perfect size for the body. The outside is EVA material that is strong against shock and water resistance. And it is also advisable for those who are looking for a protective case that stored securely.

3. Nintendo Switch Case with Screen Protector

Nintendo Switch Case with Screen Protector
Check Price at Amazon Hestia Goods Carrying Case for Nintendo

A Nintendo carrying case, as expected there is only genuine, and Nintendo Switch is covered firmly. It comes with a protective sheet to protect the LCD screen. It can also use as a stand against the unit so that it used for playing in the table. Besides simple and elegant black color, and recommended for those who want genuine products of a certain quality.

4. Inateck Felt Carrying Nintendo Switch Case

Inateck Felt Carrying Case Compatible Nintendo Switch
Check Price at Amazon Inateck Felt Carrying Case

A simple Nintendo Switch type case contains the body unit and earphones cable, and which EVA material impact resistant. Besides, there is a strap that worn around the wrist. A fixed mark that prevents the body from dropping when opening and closing.

5. Basics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Basics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch and Accessories
Check Price at Amazon Basics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch and Accessories

A large-capacity case that can store enough of adapters, earphones, etc., and it is convenient to carry with a handle Nintendo Switch case. Inside is a Velcro that fixes the body unit and prevents it from falling. And also it is advisable for travel and business trips.


We introduced a case for the popular Nintendo Switch. The specific Nintendo switch case is convenient for carrying or for storing your game console at home. Find your favorite Nintendo Switch case and enjoy the game with your friends.

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