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Top 7 Best Pocket WiFi to Buy Online

A Pocket WiFi is more helpful when going to places where there is no WiFi available or SIM-free devices. Each business sells a quality of products like made in Japan, including major mobile carriers such as GlocalMe, Huawei, and Mighty. However, it is challenging to choose the type of medium line and the amount of usage and, the cost is different.

At this time, We will now introduce the top-recommended products along with the specific ways on how to select a Pocket WiFi. Also, Many attractive products can communicate at high speed and have low monthly charges. Please check and find the perfect one for your needs.

What are the benefits of a Pocket WiFi?

A Pocket WiFi that can use anywhere without network. Hence, we need a contract with a provider, but if you have a pocket WiFi, then you can take it anywhere and use it to communicate with the internet, and more people can use one at the time.

People might think of it when using a smartphone or laptop on a Free Hotspot, But it’s more convenient and perfect for those people who can’t connect to the internet at home.

How to Choose a Pocket WiFi – Buying Guide

There is a lot of Pocket WiFi that has been appearing, not only from mobile carries but also from the other companies. How should we choose it? Alright, here are some tips for finding the perfect one. Check this out!

Choose a WiMax or LTE Wi-Fi

There are two types of Mode lines Pocket WiFi that will supports. WiMax and LTE lines. First, we will check the advantage and disadvantages of WiMax and LTE. Let see and decide which modes you want to use.

LTE for best size Communication Area

If you want smooth connectivity anywhere, you can choose the LTE network. 4G / LTE is a connectivity that is mainstream in major mobile carriers. The area of the LTE will depend on an area that has already a supported LTE network.

The disadvantage, there are many plans with monthly charges high than a WiMax. Also, the speed is fast with the maximum connectivity listed by each company with its theoretical value, and there is no actual speed. And it will be about 20-40Mbps when measured, So let’s keep as is this reference.

WiMax recommend for Unlimited usage

The WiMax network highly recommended for those who prefer price versus quality connection. For unlimited plans, the WiMax line is cheaper compared to the LTE network.

Another advantage is that WiMax has better data usage conditions than LTE plans, and yet it is perfect for those who need more data allocation.

However, compared to the other unlimited plans, the monthly 1GB, and 5GB plans, LTE lines may be cheaper, and the range of usage may be limited.

Choose a data allocation that suits your usage

In communication services, a Pocket Wifi divided into unlimited plans and regulated that have a limit on the amount of data each month. For unlimited plans, there is no limit on the data allocation per month.

However, a plan that has a limit of allocation used per month is advantageous, because it will allow you to select the amount of monthly usage.

As a guideline or reference for data traffic, 1GB can download about 4.5 hours and about 200 music. Then if you exceed the specified data allocation, and then allocation speed will slow down, So choose a capacity that accommodates your usage.

You must Check speed limit conditions

In the Pocket Wi-Fi Services, the speed limitation will apply when a certain amount of data exceeds, and speed limit condition also will differ for each plan, so be sure to check that out as well.

In the case of the unlimited plan, the allocation speed will slow after a certain amount of usage exceed in 3 days. But the recommended limit in 3 days is 10GB in the current plan, and also the usage varies depending on the telecommunication services.

Should Compare the initial Cost Monthly

When using a Pocket WiFi, Always check the initial cost and monthly fees. Monthly usage fees will change due to campaign discounts provided by each provider. Hence, Based on the balance between monthly data traffic and monthly charges, I will recommend that you compare the various services carefully and find where you can save money.

Top 7 Best Pocket WiFi to Buy Online

As we introduced first the features and recommended the classification of Pocket WiFi, From here, we are glad to introduce the latest models. Check this out!

7. Nighthawk Mobile Router Wifi

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G
Netgear MR1100
Check Price at Amazon Netgear Nighthawk M1

Examine the NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot Router MR1100 for a movement switch with Ethernet offloading capacities. It can bolster up to 20 Wi-Fi gadgets to empower you to associate and impart to your loved ones in a hurry. This unit comes endeavor prepared and secure to assist you with overseeing and control access with secret phrase insurance. It underpins LTE Advanced 4-band Carrier Aggregation, 4×4 MIMO, and LTE CAT 16 to give you the best web association at home or during your movements. Besides, it accompanies directions to surrender your heads on use.

Recommendation and Reviews

  • 5040 mAH battery Provides quick and elite power for the day.
  • Improved JumpBoost includes Enables you to charge cell phones and versatile USB gadgets.
  • Superfast portable broadband web, Delivers uncommon download velocities of up to 1Gbps and 150mps transfer.

6. Wireless Portable Nano Wifi

TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Pocket Wifi
TP-Link N300
Check Price at Amazon TP-Link N300 Wifi

Accessible in a pocket-size, the TP-Link N300 Portable Nano Travel Router fantastically reduced to fit effectively in your tote, pocket, or sack. It structured with a smaller scale USB port to guarantee adaptable driving through an outer connector or USB link. This hotspot works with 2.4GHz gadgets, for example, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. It comes in three different styles to empower you to look over as indicated by your financial limit. Besides, this Wi-Fi hotspot is upheld by a 2-year guarantee and every minute of every day specialized help so you can purchase with certainty.

Recommendation and Reviews

  • Pre-encryption output: Allows you to set starting SSID and secret phrase assurance.
  • 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed: Provides quicker web association for live gushing and web-based gaming.
  • Lightweight structure: Enables you to have the Wi-Fi with you for voyaging purposes.

5. Huawei E5573Cs-322 Pocket Wifi

Huawei E5573Cs-322 Pocket Mobile Hotspot LTE 4G
Check Price at Amazon Huawei E5573Cs-322

Thin, little, and lightweight, the Huawei E5573Cs-322 4G LTE Mobile WiFi is perfect for individuals who travel a great deal. It can bolster up to10 various gadgets including cell phones, workstations, iPhones, tablets, iPods, just as gaming reassures relying upon your needs. This unit is perfect with a 2D scanner tag simple association and LTE auto offload for ideal execution. It works with the HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi application to give you a simple method to follow your information. Even better, this Wi-Fi is opened to all systems to enable you to utilize your preferred sim card.

Recommendation and Reviews

  • Lightweight craftsmanship, Allows for advantageous stockpiling and compactness.
  • 1500mAh battery, Provides ceaseless runtime for as long as 6 hours.
  • Driven pointers for sign and battery, Alerts you when the battery is low and needs reviving.

4. Huawei E5577Cs LTE Pocket Wifi Black

Huawei E5577Cs 4G LTE Mobile Pocket Wifi Hotspot
Check Price at Amazon Huawei E5577Cs

Appreciate unbelievably quick web experience any place you go with the Huawei E5577Cs-321 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot. It can bolster association for up to 10 Wi-Fi-empowered gadgets simultaneously. Consequently, this Wi-Fi is an incredible gadget for visitors traveling to another country or for home excitement. It is opened to all systems to empower you to utilize your preferred SIM card. This Wi-Fi hotspot is accessible in two hues of high contrast for you to browse. Besides, it bolsters the microSD cards to empower you to store information for future reference.

Recommendation and Reviews

  • Lightweight plan, Allows for advantageous versatility.
  • 1500mAh replaceable battery: Provides the most extreme run time of 6 hours.
  • 150mbps speed, Ensures a quick download of recordings each time.

3. Netgear Unite Mobile Hotspot

Netgear Unite Explore 4G LTE
Check Price at Amazon Netgear Unite Explore

Given its opened plan, the Netgear Unite Explore Mobile WiFi Hotspot is perfect with GSM transporters that work with AT&T and T-Mobile. It accompanies no sim card, which means you will by your favored decision to get associated. This Wi-Fi hotspot arrives in a reduced and lightweight style for simple conveying when voyaging. It is furnished with an easy to understand interface that gives all of you the data you need like battery rate for superior comfort. The gadget arrives in a smooth and sharp plan with a dark completion that is attractive. Besides, it can bolster 6 gadgets simultaneously so you can remain associated with your loved ones.

Recommendation and Reviews

  • 4300mAh battery, Provides dependable execution.
  • Solid development, Ensures durable and enduring execution.
  • Touchscreen, Allows for simple activity and comfort.

2. Mighty Pocket Wifi Hotspot

Mighty Global Pocket Hotspot Wifi International roaming
Check Price at Amazon Mighty Global Pocket

With 16-band 4G arrange recurrence, the Promo MightyWifi versatile hotspot gives a relentless association with the neighborhood organize just as more than 100 nations worldwide inclusion. It intended to associate with up to 5 gadgets to empower you to impart the web to your loved ones. This Wi-Fi is adaptable enough for you to associate with an assortment of gadgets including tablets, cell phones, and PCs among others. At the point when you get it, you get free 50GB US information and 3 GB worldwide information substantial for 30 days.

Recommendation and Review

  • The savvy and basic plan, Allows for one-contact access to more than 100 nations.
  • Propelled security, Provides secure web association.
  • Durable battery, Ensures you remain associated all through your outing.

1. GlocalMe G3 LTE Pocket Wifi

GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Pocket Wifi
Check Price at Amazon GlocalMe G3

Inspired by a creative cloud SIM innovation, the GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot lets you access in 100+ nations and locales with no strolling charges. It accompanies 1 GB beginning worldwide information so you can interface with the web quickly upon buy. This Wi-Fi hotspot utilizes the most secure security convention to guarantee a safe association anyplace whenever. It intended to work with the GlocalMe APP to empower you to oversee information effectively and proficiently. Even better, this Wi-Fi hotspot is accessible in various kinds and values to suit individuals with various needs and spending plans.

Recommendation and Reviews

  • Worked in 5350mAh battery: Provides as long as 15 hours of relentless use.
  • Multi-utilitarian structure: Makes this unit used as a power bank.
  • Rapid system: Lets you appreciate quick download and live to gush of music and recordings.


Alright, We already introduced the latest Pocket WiFi. Did you find a product that suits your needs? Well, Look not only the comparison of plans and services offered but also the speed and data allocation limit. Therefore, you will surely find the perfect one for you.

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