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Top Best Razer Gaming Headsets to Buy Online

Gaming headsets that many gamer lovers love to use Razer headsets as a peripheral device for their computer. This item is famous for players with the enthusiast in computer games. However, there are various models, such as Kraken, Nari, Tiamat, ETC. The functions are different, and so many people might wondering which one to choose.

At this time, we will introduce how to choose Gaming Razer Headsets and the review of recommended products with highly evaluated in the rank order. By means, find the right model which the right and makes your comfortable sound environment.

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Razer Headset for FPS and TPS Games

Razer Kraken Pro V2 for FPS Game
Razer Kraken Pro V2
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Razer is a very famous brand for a gaming headset. It includes its sound system and great creator, especially for those who are enthusiast about game sounds. There are a lot of models that will allow you to experience virtual quality using Razer. It’s exclusive software and real sound with multiple speakers in the headset. Also, models that can enjoy the surrounding environment with PS4 are on sale.

Furthermore, we are particular about wearing the feeling and features that we are hard to be tired with moderate weight and fitting with comfort. With a Razer Gaming headset, you will able to play comfortably for a long time with high-quality sound.

How to choose Razer Gaming Headset – Buying Guide

Let’s see, what are the Razer gaming headset, and what are those factors we need to consider. Also, the tips and points on how to choose online.

Choose according to the connected device

Razer gaming headsets will diversify, depending on the combined device. However, let us further explain to the connected devices.

Choose Razer 7.1 for PC games

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When playing in the PC, we recommend the 7.1 Inch headset, which allows you to enjoy the surrounding environment instantly without settings. If your PC has a sound card compatible with the motherboard, then you may include Tiamat 7.1 with multiple drivers and real sound.

However, it will depend on the game you want to play, and the stereo quality will be easier to hear. Hence, If you need to change between stereo sound and 7.1 Inch virtual, then you can choose a stereo headset with Razer to surround the system.

PS4 Games Choose Thresher Headsets

Razer Stereo Gaming Headset"Kraken Pro V2"
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Or if you want to play in PS4 Games with a surrounding environment, then you can choose the Thresher series that supports PS4 virtual surroundings. In this case of PS4, almost USB or analog that are compatible. But, only a few models will support virtual surroundings.

The Thresher series is connected using an optical terminal, but PS4Slim does not have an optical terminal. When using with PS4Slim, it is necessary to convert separately to support virtual surround.

THX Spatial Audio with 3D sound surrounding

For those who want to have a 3D sound environment with 5.1 or 7.1 surrounding sound, then choose the product that supports THX spatial audio is advisable. The natural surround functions will give you the feeling that speakers are around you, but THX spatial audio provides higher sound.

Although 360-degree surround is supported, and it’s engaging that you can feel the sound from all angles. However, this feature is advisable for people who want to have shooting sounds and footsteps from all directions.

Razer HyperSense model with compatible vibration

Razer HyperSense
Check Price at Amazon Razer HyperSense

Also, for those who want to feel the game with sound and vibration, the Razer HyperSense is advisable. However, Gamepad has only a simple vibration function to feel during in-game, but with the Razer HyperSense, you can feel the vibration through the headset.

The Razer HyperSense functionality is the sound converted into vibration to match the tone and frequency generated in the game. Furthermore, the pulsation will be transmitted both left and right headsets according to the location of the sound. For those who are not satisfied with the music alone, then include these features in your choice.

Choose with cooling gel pad Razer headset

A product with a cooling gel pad on the earpad is advisable, especially for those who play games for a long time. However, the cooling gel pad equipped models cover the drawbacks well, and if you’re looking for a headset that worn comfortably for a long time gaming, then you can add this to your options.


This time, we have introduced a few tips on how to choose the best product that you can buy for your gaming and the specific Razer Headsets with a proper review and testing. A Razer Headsets are simple to pick according to the connected device such as PC or PS4. Also, if you know the other special features, then probably you will get easier to select the products. Please refer to the selection introduced in this article and compare the products according to your specifications.

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