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Top 7 Best Sony E Mount lenses to buy Online

Sony E-mount interchangeable lens camera is being popular in the A-Series. And many compatible lenses for the mirror-less camera are available online. But you might be wondering which one to choose, such as zoom lenses that can use for various angles of view, telephoto and wide-angle.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the points of how to choose a compatible Sony lens for E mount that highly recommended in rank order. Getting your favorite lens is one of the greatest things while enjoying your camera. Well, you may find a lens that suits your budget and look at the best-recommended products.

What is Sony E mount Lenses?

What is Sony E Mount Lenses?

Sony E-Mount lens is a joining standard for a mirrorless version of Sony Digital Cameras. Sony also has an A-mount standard for the reflex camera. But the parts are joining in the body and lenses are different, then you must choose an E-mount compatible lens for your mirrorless camera.

Furthermore, Sony mirrorless has also a full-size device, Compared for the other brands, and E-mount lenses are abundant for full-size compatible lenses for better performance. Since they are perfect for the customer who wants a wide variety of lenses, then you can easily capture from various angles.

How to choose Sony E-mount lenses – Buying Guide

Before we get started on picking the top list recommended Sony E-mount lenses, here are some tips for choosing your compatible lenses on your camera. Check this out!

Choose the sensor size according to your Camera

There are two types of sensor types of Camera, APS-C size and Full size, and so it is important to choose according to the camera you have. Full-size models are those who have a series of A7 and A9 lenses begin with FE names, while the APS-C size sensor lens starts with E.

However, If you have both camera models, then we recommend a full-size lens with high versatility and excellent image quality. Even if you have only an APS-C size, you can still use it for a long time by choosing a full-size lens.

Take note, if you use an APS-C size lens with a full-size camera, then be aware that the edges of the image will become darker.

Use Sony’s original brand lens for Professional

Then, let’s pay attention to the most packed with the best brand with Sony’s unique technology. Among them are, G Master in which puts Sony’s optical into play, which is particularly powerful. And which has an outstanding performance through shoot images and video with high resolution.

Choose a Telephoto Zoom Lenses

A telephoto zoom lens recommendable if you want to take close-up pictures, and yet it is perfect for pinpointing animals and plants, also when you want to focus your kids during a sports event.

Frequently, a lens with a length of 35mm or 50mm used as a standard lens with a telephoto zoom. However, you can adjust the focal length according to its distance, So you can still shoot and focus even when the distant changes.

Choose wide-angle Lenses its recommended

If you want to take a capture on a spectacular scene at a sightseeing spot, The recommended wide-angle lens you can choose is about FE 16-35mm, 2.8 GM, E 20mm F / 2.8, ETC., will also have the numbers less than 35mm following E and FE.

Wide-angle is perfect when you want to capture from near to far angle, even has a wide-angle lens. Particularly, Power zooms support and cover a wide range of shooting.

Choose Shakugan and Macro lenses

If you want to enjoy your photoshoot, you can also check the Fisheye lens and Macro lens. If you get a Fisheye lens, then you can take magical images with the center raised.

Furthermore, the Macro lens enables super close-up photography, so it is possible to take photographs that focus on points that are not usually visible. Although it is a unique lens that is not suitable for daily use.

Top 7 Best Sony E Mount lenses to buy Online

Alright, We have now an idea of how to choose lenses for your camera, Together with the features and functions let us now to tackle and introduce the popular and recommended products of Sony E mount compatible lenses in rank order. Check this out!

7. Sony Alpha 18-200mm E-Mount Lens

Sony Alpha SEL18200 E-Mount F3.5-6.3 OSS Lens (Silver)
Check Price at Amazon Sony Alpha SEL18200

6. Sony 50mm Full frame E-mount Lens

Sony SEL50M28 FE 50mm F2.8 Full frame E-mount Lens (Black)
Check Price at Amazon Sony SEL50M28 FE 50mm

5. Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar 24mm Lens

Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T E 24mm F1.8 ZA E-mount Prime lens
Check Price at Amazon Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar

4. Sony SEL70200G 70-200mm E-Mount Lens

Sony 70-200mm E-mount Lens
Check Price at Amazon Sony 70-200mm

3. Sony 16-35mm FE F4 E-mount Lens

Sony 16-35mm Vario Tessar OSS E-Mount Lens
Check Price at Amazon Sony 16-35mm Vario

2. Sony SEL2470 GM E-Mount Standard Lens

Sony Standard Zoom Lens
Check Price at Amazon Sony Standard Zoom Lens

1. Sony 28-135mm E-Mount Power Lens

Sony E mount Power Lens
Check Price at Amazon Sony E mount Power


How the best lenses you’ve got? If you get a good camera, then you can take great pictures! We tend to consider that the fun of photography seems to increase by choosing a lens.

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