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Top 5 Best Walkman to Buy Online

Sony’s Walkman edition becomes famous as a small playback only music player. Even now that other music players such as iPods have increased, they are still very prevalent. You can connect earphones and headphones to listen to music while you are out, or you can connect speakers to enjoy music at home or listen to the radio. The features also vary depending on the model.

This time, we will introduce the latest product in the ranking format along with how to choose a walkman online. We have carefully selected recommended items from easy to purchase models with particular attention to high sound quality. If you are considering purchasing a Walkman, please refer to it.

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I want to try an original Sony Walkman

Charm of Using a Walkman

Sony’s Walkman is a product that has a long story among many music players. All series equipped with the technologies and functions developed by Sony. The appeal of the Walkman is that it provides music that is more satisfying to those who are particular about music, using advanced technologies such as noise-canceling and balanced connections.

Although it’s often compared with iPod, if you use it purely as a music player without using any apps, a walkman with high sound quality is advisable. Now that iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued, and the Walkman is bringing attention again. If you like music or want to enjoy high sound quality, please try a Walkman.

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How to choose a Walkman – Buying Guide

Here’s how to choose a Walkman. Consider the scene you want to use and the sound quality you want, and choose the best that suits your wants.

Choose and check the Walkman capacity

First of all, let us know how much the capacity you can put the number of songs, and for Mp3 files almost 800 songs for 4gb and 3300 songs for 16gb, also it will depend on the length of the songs.

However, In the case of high-quality FLAC format used for high sound resolution sources, there are about 300 songs in 16gb, and quite a few variations are depending on the file format. So make sure you know how many songs you want to put in what file-format.

A technology that enhances a sound quality

It is still the sound quality that is worrisome when listening to music. Recently, high sound quality improved by various new technology, and Please pay attention to the following functions.

Quality with a high-resolution adaptive model

Recently, A high-resolution sound source with a feeling of being fully established. It contains more information than a CD and refers to a high sound quality sound source that realistically reproduces the depth and subtlety of the music.

Another thing to remember about the high sound resolution model is the DSEE HX function. DSEE HX upscaled to a high sound resolution equivalent quality by automatically supplementing the information with compressed music files such as Mp3.

The high sound resolution source has a large capacity and high investment cost, but this feature is very convenient because it eliminated.

LDAC maintains quality when using Bluetooth

The LDAC is a sony technology that maintains high sound quality without deterioration, and even when transferring high sound resolution sources using Bluetooth. Therefore, if the earphone is a wireless type, still you can enjoy the high sound quality music.

Furthermore, it was challenging to maintain the high sound quality as well as the high resolution in the Bluetooth environment.

Choose a model that supports balanced connectivity

The WM1 ZX Series also supports the balanced connectivity of earphones. A stable connection is a connectivity method in which the information that reaches the left and right earphones are independent without interference.

It is advisable for those who demand high sound quality because it allows you to enjoy more definite music with less noise. However, please note that it is necessary to prepare the corresponding earphones for a balanced connection.

Classify the accessories you need

The accessories for a Walkman vary depending on the series and model. There are various accessories from earphones that let you hear the sound optimized for that model, and models that come with speakers.

If you plan to listen with high sound resolution but don’t have a compatible earphone, you can easily select the model that comes with the accessories. Hence, the price is different depending on the model.

Choose with FM Radio and Language learning

The walkman has various other functions such as FM radio, recording function, and language learning. Of particular interest in the language learning function, you can repeat a specific part or slow down the playback speed. Also, you can use this function to improve your listening skills or to study pronunciation.

Top 5 Best Walkman to Buy Online

Let’s take now a look at the top-recommended Walkman products, then let us choose the right model carefully, and think about the sound and the scene to use.

1. Sony NW-WM1Z Hi-Res Walkman

SONY NW-WM1Z Premium Signature Series Hi-Res Walkman
Check Price at Amazon SONY NW-WM1Z

Walkman’s Flagship series WM1. Among them, this product is the latest model. Aiming to express the feelings that artists put in music, and they have the expressive power to convey the air humidity and temperature of the place. Hence, the body materials made of an oxygen-free copper cut housing with a purity of 99.96 or higher. The price is considerably higher, but the quality and sound are worth it.

2. Sony NW-WM1A Hi-Res Walkman

Sony NW-WM1A 128GB Premium Walkman
Check Price at Amazon Sony NW-WM1A

This Walkman focuses on the material of the central unit for sound, and which is advisable for those who want the best sound quality. Please enjoy the ultimate quality with a balanced connection.

3. Sony Waterproof w/ Bluetooth Walkman

Sony NWWS623/B Waterproof and Dustproof Walkman - Bluetooth
Check Price at Amazon Sony NWWS623/B

W Series with integrated headphones can enjoy music in the bath or pool. Because equipped with an external sound capture function, you can hear the sound of the surrounding car and the voice of the people even while jogging.

4. Sony NW-A55 Hi-Res Digital Walkman

Sony NW-A55 16GB High-Resolution Digital Music Player Walkman
Check Price at Amazon Sony NW-A55

This model capable of converting the sound into high-resolution, and it is advisable for the high performance in the A55 Series model.

5. Sony NW-ZX300 Hi-Res Walkman

Sony NW-ZX300 Hi-Res Walkman 64GB
Check Price at Amazon Sony NW-ZX300

The ZX model is a mid-range series of the Walkman. It is advisable for those who have a high sound resolution music life and looking for a quality music player. Hence, the price is kept low for the height of the specs, but then the A 10-Band equalizer is included.


We already introduced the top-recommended Walkman and how to choose each series. Walkman has different features and models, so be sure to take the latest that has features you wanted. Let’s make your music life better with more and high sound quality.

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