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Top 7 Best CPU Thermal Paste to Buy Online

CPU thermal paste is necessary to protect heat from the central processing unit. CPU paste is a needed item when connecting the CPU and CPU heat sink, and which is the most sensitive of all the personal computer parts. However, there are many different types, such as silicon paste, silver grease, and diamond paste. Also, the performance and price may vary, so it might you wondering which one to choose.

At this time, we will pick up the necessary points for choosing CPU thermal paste and the popular products purchased online. All the popular items are collected based on the product review and practices by the other user. Please select the CPU thermal paste that suitable for your computer and improve the cooling performance.

How to choose a CPU thermal paste – Buying Guide

From right here, let us discussed the importance and the tips on how to choose a CPU thermal paste, let’s consider this point and take down notes. Let’s see how to choose.

Choose the specification that matches your computer

The main point for CPU thermal paste is to select the products that match the specification of the computer that you are using. There are three main types, so let us understand the characteristics of each and narrow down the products that will match your personal computer.

Choose silicon paste for a standard performance

If you are using a higher specification like Core i5 processor or a lower computer, Silicon thermal paste is advisable because of its low cost. There are high conductivity and low conductivity products in silicon thermal paste, so it is a good idea to compare them.

For example, if you do not use a high-load 3D game or video processing, but you use it for writing and surfing, the CPU does not take much load, then silicon thermal paste can handle it in any way. Also, if there is a possibility of upgrading the specs or customizing, it is possible to change the thermal paste in a higher model.

Choose silver thermal paste for middle specs

If you are going to play a light 3D game on a computer with a specification Core i5 CPU or surfing over the internet, please consider silver thermal paste. Although the thermal conductivity of silicon increased, silver thermal paste maintains a more stable cooling performance.

Hence, a middle specification personal computer can start multiple tools, but if the cooling performance is low, it will cause freezing, so be sure to have it.

Choose diamond or silver for high-end computers

If you have a high specification performance CPU, such as the second generation of Core i7 or higher, and want to do with high-load work. You should select from products that are silver thermal or higher. Silver thermal paste is a product that cools well, but if the product mixed with a diamond substance, the CPU can further be cooled.

If the CPU goes into a thermal runaway, your high specification personal computer may freeze or even on startup becomes worst. To prevent this, you must choose the product that suits with higher specification and performance thermal paste.

Check CPU thermal paste conductivity

After establishing the thermal paste type and ease of application, let us compare the thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity displayed in units, such as 9.0w/m K, which is a number that represents the amount of heat that travels per second. The greater the number, the higher the thermal conductivity, and the better it cools.

Some CPUs come with original thermal paste, but this thermal paste does not have enough thermal conductivity. Once it adheres, it is difficult to remove, so apply the thermal paste separately as possible to increase the thermal conductivity.

Choose with Insulator to prevent short circuit

Insulating thermal paste is also advisable for those who are not comfortable with unfamiliar thermal paste. In this case of conductive thermal paste, if the liquid leaks or blows out, it may cause the PC to short-circuit. However, insulating thermal paste, you can rest assured that if you spill it on the motherboard, and you don’t have to worry about short-circuiting.

Moreover, insulation is not important above all, so let’s decide whether insulation is necessary after giving priority to the balance between thermal conductivity and the thermal paste type.

Top 7 Best CPU Thermal Paste to Buy Online

Right now, we already discussed the importance and following points on how to choose a CPU thermal paste for your computer, and now let’s take a look a the popular ranking products of CPU thermal paste.

1. Arctic Silver thermal Colling paste

Arctic Silver Thermal Cooling Compound Paste 3.5G
Check Price at Amazon Arctic thermal paste

This product has a capacity of 3G or more and is a cost and effective product that repainted many times. The best selling products with over a hundred Amazon reviews. It is highly evaluated and has specifications that change the temperature by about 3 to 13 Celcius compared to the general thermal paste.

It uses a special oil, and it is attractive that does not harden even previously used for a long time. Also, a cooling effect expected. Since it is a pleasant insulating thermal paste for beginners, there is no need to worry about short circuits. This thermal paste is advisable if you have not decided which one to use.

2. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste
Check Price at Amazon Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

It is a unique thermal paste that is difficult to dry even at high temperatures, and it cools stably without curing even for long periods. The thickness is somewhat high, and it may difficult to apply for beginners, but you can expect a considerable cooling effect.

Amazon review has a rating of thousands and is all well received. It is also attractive to have a spatula for applying grease and a zipper bag that stored after use. If you are looking for a high-end product, it is a good idea to be a choice.

3. Arctic MX 4 Thermal Compound Paste

MQ Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste
Check Price at Amazon Arctic MX-4 Thermal

Silicon types thermal paste with pretty low thickness and easy to apply for personal computer CPU. Since this thermal paste is an insulation type, and very friendly for beginners to be safe even if mistakenly attached to the motherboard.

Furthermore, it is a high capacity product about 4G, and it is capable of several computers in the house. Because of its high thermal conductivity, it is also an advisable product used for various purposes.

4. Gelid Extreme Thermal Paste

GELID GC-Extreme 3.5G Thermal Paste
Check Price at Amazon Gelid Solutions

Being one of the most well known warm glues favored by overclocking devotees over the planet, the Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme doesn’t baffle with regards to warm execution. Even though not exactly tantamount to the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, particularly because of the way that it has lower warm conductivity at 8.5 W/mK, the Gelid Solutions GC Extreme still figures out how to satisfy its name by offering better warm execution more than a few different rivals in the market. Ultimately, it’s non-destructive, non-relieving and non-poisonous, according to the maker’s claims, and for an oil-based warm aggravate, the GC-Extreme is moderate contrasted with Kryonaut costing only 13 bucks for 3.5 grams.

5. Master Gel Maker Nano Paste

MasterGel Maker Nano-High performance MGZ-NDSG-N15M-R1
Check Price at Amazon Master Gel Nano

This is a moderately new yet exceptionally premium warm glue, produced by Cooler Master for most extreme warm execution that can be normal from an oil-based compound. It has a warm conductivity of 11W/mK, which gives the more well known GC Extreme a run for its cash. As far as Cooler Master’s strong cases, the warm glue has nano jewel particles that are equipped for dealing with a wide scope of temperatures from 50 to 150 Celcius. This warm glue additionally has fantastic consistency which makes it simple to spread and evacuate without breaking or drying out. With everything taken into account, this moderate warm glue is appropriate for individuals who’re anticipating overclock their K arrangement CPUs.

6. Noctua Pro-Grade Thermal Paste

The Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste was one of my preferred warm intensifies that I prescribed to a significant number of my loved ones who were searching for a warm glue. Presently, the organization has propelled a significantly better form of the NT-H1. Named as the Noctua NT-H2, it is an exceptional evaluation warm intensify that guarantees ideal warmth move from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink for bringing the best cooling arrangement. The NT-H2 utilizes another calibrated blend of metal oxide smaller scale particles for even lower warm opposition and decreased security line thickness at common mounting pressures. It is likewise not helpful for power in this manner guaranteeing that there’s zero chance of a short out mishap.

Noctua NT-H2 3.5G Thermal Paste
Noctua NT-H2
Check Price at Amazon Noctua Thermal Paste

The warm compound can be put away for a long time and labors for 5 five years with no issue once applied. The warm conductivity appraised by the maker. In any case, it has a pinnacle working temperature running between – 50 to 200 Celcius improved from 50 to 110 Celcius scope of NT-H1, which is entirely noteworthy. Generally, the NT-H2 is a reasonable yet proficient answer for overclockers for some uncommon warm outcomes.

7. Cool laboratory Liquid Thermal

Cool laboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal
Check Price at Amazon Cool laboratory Thermal

Outrageous overclockers, this current one for you. In case you’re not happy with the warm exhibition offered by even the best oil-based warm glues, well it’s time you proceed onward to fluid metal warm mixes. These fluid metal-based warm compounds take the game to an unheard-of level by bragging exceptionally high warm conductivity 38.4 W/mK. Indeed, you’ll notice a critical temperature drop, particularly in case you’re originating from an ordinary warm glue. It works best on CPUs as a large portion of the CPUs accessible today don’t have a bound incorporated warmth spreader IHS. Rather the CPU maker utilizes TIM for heat dissemination between the warmth spreader and CPU. That being stated, these fluid metal-based warm mixes ought to carefully utilized with aluminum heatsinks, as the gallium composite utilized here will consume the aluminum in your heatsink.


At this time, We have given you some tips and precautions when choosing CPU thermal paste. CPU thermal paste is a part that is often overlooked by those who make their personal computers, even those who are trying to repaint for maintenance. However, keep in mind that depending on the thermal paste, the CPU temperature of your computer will change considerably.

All of the CPU thermal paste introduce here are the popular and recommended products. Based on the points of selection methods introduced, let’s narrow down the products in order and find the products that match the PC you want to make.

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