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Top 4 Recommended Best Extension Cord

Most of us have an electronics devices on our households and we are having issues that our appliances can’t reach the built-in the wall outlet. To solve it, we were going to use an Extension cord that can extend more and can help these issues. However, there are many different types of extension cord that have switches, USB ports, and automatic circuit breakers, and which is difficult for you to choose.

In this article, we would like to introduce the buying guide on how to choose, and also the top products of extension cord in the rank order that we recommend.

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How to Choose an Extension Cord – Buying Guide

Many of us would choose any extension cord on a store shelf and we think this is the right one, and which is true will make you get the wrong product. In this part, we will tell you how to choose and find the popular extension cord for your needs.

You must know the basic specification

Many people depending on the requirements when looking for products of an Extension cord, and yet there are some important factors that we might consider such as, the number of insertion points, product length, and the presence of switches.

You should always keep in mind that these products may vary the length of the cord, and some of the finished products contain only 1 meter in length, whereas other products length exceeds more than a meter.

Check the number of Socket and Switches

Not only the length of the cord but also the number of sockets is necessary for choosing the Extension cord. Choosing the many numbers of the socket, the more devices can connect and the more convenient.

However, there are different types of switches for extension cords;

  • Individual Switches
  • Batch  Switches
  • No Switch

Switches are really important because it conserves the energy, and make you flexible if the devices you plug in without using. Hence, you can control the power output easily.

That has additional features

Consider a product of an Extension cord that has additional features. For example, if you need to recharge your smartphone and you don’t have an extra charging brick just to resupply your devices, all you need is to get your lightning cable to recharge.

Also, don’t forget to add an overload protector to the product for safety. By choosing waterproof and fireproof products, it will make you convenient if you place it in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Convenient design for your room

If you really want to have an extension cord with a fashion, then you can choose with good looking design products that suit your room. But take note of those products available, they must have good looking in the picture but different in reality. Just ensure your safety.

Top 4 Recommended Best Extension Cord

Finally, we already discussed the points on how to choose a product of the Extension cord. We are sure that you have already known which product you want to have, and it’s time to take a look at the popular Extension cords that are available online.

1. Green Outlet SJTW Extension Cord

Outlet SJTW Indoor and Outdoor Extension Cord
Check Price at Amazon SJTW Indoor and Outdoor Extension Cord
  • Pros: Safety measures, many insertion points
  • Cons: Slightly Expensive, No Switch

The SJTW model Extension cords utilizing with 14 meters wire with overload covering protector. It can protect around 40 to 130 Fahrenheit temperatures. If you need also to protect colder temperatures that around 170 degrees, then this is the right product that you consider to your needs.

2. 360 Harmony 8 feet Extension Cord

Habitat Harmony Braided Extension Cord
Check Price at Amazon Habitat Harmony

The 360 Harmony Extension cord utilizes the design and safety measure fitting on all types of insertion points and covered by overload covering protector for safety, to make good looking extension cord.

3. Holsem 12 Outlet Power Strip

Holsem 12 Outlet Power Strips
Check Price at Amazon Holsem Power Strip
  • Pros: Impressive number of outlets, Impressive safety, it includes USB ports.
  • Cons: Extension cord unreasonably short for certain specifications.

4. Aurum 15 Feet Extension Cables

Aurum Cables 15-Feet 3 Outlet Extension Cord 16AWG
Check Price at Amazon Aurum Extension Cord
  • Pros: Flexible cord, level attachment shape embraces divider, incredibly low cost.
  • Cons: Some units have attachments too free to even consider holding plug prongs.

Summary and Recommendation

Did you find your preferred products that suit your specifications? How was it? By choosing the right Extension cord, there are the following classifications not only the length of the cord, number of insertion points, and the presence of switches, but also need to determine the quality and affordable products that suit your needs.

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