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Top 4 Best Left Handed Keyboards to Buy Online

Left Handed Keyboards

From the gamers to designers, the left-hand keyboard is popular from various people, and yet this is a useful item that can improve the operability of the game. However, there are several manufacturers, such as Logitech and Razer have entered, and the number of products and features is also abundant.

So here are some tips on how to choose if you are new to buy a left-handed keyboard. Besides, we will tell you the recommended products that you can get immediate online in the ranking format. Find the left-hand Keyboard that accommodates your environment and use it conveniently.

What is the use of Left-hand Keyboard?

The left-hand Keyboard often used in a PC game and design or a manga composition. Generally, it refers to a Keyboard that allows you to register multiple shortcut commands that have lost the right of half of a regular Keyboard.

The most beautiful thing is that you can customize the key distribution easily so that you can customize it to your perspective environment. If it is for gamers, it is carefully selected only for the keys required for operation, so you can advance the game and also operate with a stick attached to it.

How to choose a left-hand Keyboard – Buying Guide

Let’s take a look at the tips and points when choosing a left-hand keyboard and followed the list of the top recommended products.

Choose according to your purpose

The left-handed keyboard used for various purposes, such as games and illustrations it would be great if you choose the devices on its application that will suit your needs. First, let’s narrow down the products according to the purpose of use.

A Keyboard that can operate for games

For online games on a PC, we recommend using a left-handed keyboard that supports WASD keys, which has the same button arrangement as the regular Keyboard. Furthermore, if you are familiar with the keyboard WASD keys, there is no need to try stick keys.

Besides, Keyboard plus mouse operation is a mode advantage for games such as FPS other than home console controllers if you get used to it. If you want to improve your FPS game, then you must try a left-handed keyboard that can operate WASD.

However, the customization often involves only key assignments, and the number of keys that registered as commands is small. If you want to prioritize the number of registered commands, then select the Keypad type.

Choose shortcut keyboard type

Let’s choose an illustration product that specializes only in shortcut registration that simplified your work convenient. However, you can register frequently used commands for drawing illustrations and designs by eliminating to release the pen and operate the mouse and keyboard perfectly.

Because there are not as many customizable keys as gaming keyboards, it also has a feature of a keyboard design that is easy to use for those who are not good at complex operations. And also, ideal for those who want to register and use shortcuts only for frequently used commands, such as brush size and eraser.

Choose keypad for illustrations and games

If you want to use both illustration and games, choose a keypad type with a large number of customizable keys that will allow you to register commands. The advantage of this type is that the shortcut commands assigned to all the mounted keys, and you can record a huge number of commands used when creating illustrations and playing games.

Also, if the product equipped with a joystick, then you can also operate the character with the same feeling as an operating controller. Among them, Razer’s product is the most recommended and popular keyboard with a proven track record, with many people using them for both illustration and game use.

Check if your devices are compatible for left-hand keyboard

When connecting to a computer, whether for illustrations or games, then use a product that supports the Operating System of your personal computer. If you use it on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, ETC., let’s choose a product used by directly connecting to the game device.

If you are using Windows Operating System, you do not need to worry too much, but when you attach to a Mac and using it for illustrations, some keys cannot be accepted or used, so it is necessary to check it.

Furthermore, when connecting to a game console, some non-compliant products require the purchase of a special adapter or converter separately. Please try to narrow down the items that are supported so that you can use them even if you already purchase them.

Top 4 Best Left Handed Keyboards to Buy Online

Now, let’s take a look at the popular items that are available online in the ranking order, based on how to select the left-hand keyboard we have seen so far.

1. GameSir VX Aimswitch Keyboard and Mouse

GameSir VX Aimswitch Keyboard and Mouse
Check Price at Amazon GameSir VX

Suggested for anyone looking for a left-handed device that can connect to a variety of home game consoles. It used by connecting to Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Switch. Of course, it also applied by connecting to a PC and used with a handheld gaming mouse.

Amazon has a high review rating, and there are many users on online FPS. It is a reputed product with stable performance. Because it is a WASD operation, it is recommended for those who want to use to keyboard operation in the future.

2. Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keyboard

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keyboard
Check Price at Amazon Razer Tartarus v2

Although it is limited to those who use it on a personal computer, it is a product that can customize 32 buttons freely using special software called RazerSynapse. The feature is that there are many users not only for games but also for illustrations.

If you use it for games, it has the same joystick as the controller, so you can operate the character as if it were a home game console.

3. Felicon Single Left Hand Keyboard

Felicon left Hand Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Check Price at Amazon Felicon Keyboard

This product is advisable for those who use the left-hand device for games and want to get an accurate keying feeling. The mechanical switch used for the keyboard retains the feeling of being pressed more firmly than other devices, so you can feel the operation more.

The backlight emits seven colors and is excellent in presence even in dark places. However, the typing sound unique to mechanical keys is quite good. Beware of those who might use it in a quiet place.

4. Razer Orbweaver Chroma Keyboard

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keyboard
Check Price at Amazon Razer Orbweaver

A highly durable Razer left-hand device that has passed 60 million keystroke tests. This product is very popular among gaming devices and has over 80 Amazon reviews.

There are 30 customizable keys, and you can also enjoy Rzaer’s unique color illumination. This product has been evaluated by illustration users as being ideal for drawing.

Gaming Keyboard with Macro Function

If you want to play games on your Personal Computer, check out the gaming keyboard with Macro function. If you have a model with a Macro key, then you can register more commands and operate the game more smoothly, as with left-handed keyboards. Be sure to check out the following articles as well.


This time, We already introduced some points you should look at when choosing a left-hand keyboard for the first time. How was it? The left-hand keyboard that can do various things if you master it. The point is to consider the application and select the best device for the purpose.

The products introduced in the ranking are only those products that are popular in the fields of illustrations and games. Compare the products regarding the selection method introduced in this article and find the right keyboard for yourself.

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