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Top 5 Recommended Best Lightning Cables

Apple users consistently facing difficulties in having those lightning cable that is easy to break in times you need to recharge your mobile phones. When the first one we got in the freebies that have to give up, so what would we choose? Prefer to stay in Apple or choose another brand that is easy to purchase and more expensive, but it long last.

In this article, we will share the recommended products of Lightning cable for Apple users that you might choose, and also we will include several points on how to choose and compare those advantages and disadvantages.

How to Choose a Lightning Cables – Buying Guide

So let us focus first on the points on how to choose the product for your Apple devices, the best tips to save your device battery and charging port is to purchase the right lightning cable. So let’s find out.

Choose with Best Compatibility Authentic Apple Lightning Cable

The same brand of the product is the best compatibility, and there’s no need to worry about any negative impact of your devices, but if there is a malfunction then you can always get or replace the product within its warranty period.

However, there are some disadvantages. The Apple lightning cable is easy to break, but if you prefer to use it with confidence, then you can use it handle with care.

With MFI Certified Lightning Cable

To pick the best product for your lightning cable is to choose with MFI-Certified that is recognized also by the Apple industry. As we all know, these products are guaranteed with compatibility to Apple devices, so you can assure that it won’t break your devices. There are also many different materials and design that is cheaper compared to Apple brand.

Please check carefully those MFI Certified products, these lightning cable will have also made for iPod / iPhone on their packaging. However, the output of these chargers has a stable and fast charging capability.

Avoid Uncertified Lightning Cable

Those Uncertified lightning cables are cheap and you can buy them easily in the market, but you are risking the good condition of your phone’s battery, so we do not recommend them.

And by the way, these lightning cables are not inspected and verified by Apple, which means that these products are not compatible and may cause malfunctioning and slow charging. However, uncertified products would void your device warranty, so much better to avoid those uncertified lightning cables.

The Length precise your needs

There are many different length sizes of the lightning cable, and it will depend on where and what on how you want to use it. The difference between short and long cables is most likely having comparison such as advantages and disadvantages of using.  Short cable easily gets disconnected, while long cables are prone to break from fallen.

The uses of lightning cables differ in the specific location you want to use. For example, if you use it using power banks, a length of 10 to 50 centimeter is advisable, then if you want to use on the table or desk, the recommended length is about 1 meter. Both lengths are fit your bag without hassle.

However, if you want to use at home, then you need longer cable around 1 to 2 meters, so that you can use your phone freely while recharging. If still, the lightning cable is not enough for you then you must try using an extension cord.

Nylon type is recommended Lightning Cable

When choosing a Lightning cable, the most important features that you might include the product that is authentic and durable. Apple products are also authentic, but the socket at each endpoint is easy to break. Unlike the other products which include Nylon material to make the cable stronger and durable.

A Product that is covered by Warranty

When choosing a product, you must also include this feature on your list not only in the Lightning cable but also to other products that you want to purchase. The reasons why we have this warranty, because there are other manufacturers produce defective products and you want to replace because it’s broken. So much better to choose a product that has a long warranty period.

Top 5 Recommended Best Lightning Cables

Finally, we have already discussed the key points on how to choose, and I am sure you have now pretty much an idea of the products and the specification for your needs. Let’s now introduce the popular products of Lightning cables that are available now online.

1. 1 Meter Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Check Price at Amazon 1m Apple Lightning Cable

While picking the best charging link for your iPhone, the 1m Apple Lightning cable ought to be your top thought. This official Apple Lightning cable gives you a speedy, dependable charge on numerous occasions. It utilizes a USB-A port to interface with a divider connector to give power or to your PC charge and adjust your phone with your Macbook Pro, or Mac work area, simultaneously.

2. Anker Powerline Lightning Cable

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable
Check Price at Amazon Anker Powerline Lightning Cable

The three-pack of Anker Powerline Lightning cable is the best worth you can discover when looking for charging cable for your iPhone. Having three cables implies you can keep one at home, one in the vehicle, and one at work so you’ll never be without a charger. You can likewise have one for everybody in the family to kill contentions over who needs the charger the most. Each cable estimates three feet in length, making them immaculate to use with nearer divider outlets and PC USB ports.

3. Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

Nylon Braided Lightning Cable
Check Price at Amazon Nylon Braided

In case you’re searching for a charging cable that will be tougher than most others, look at the Yungsong Lightning link three-pack. Each link includes a woven nylon sheath that opposes fraying and parting for enduring wire assurance and is appraised to withstand more than 8,000 twists. They likewise have aluminum composite association lodgings that fortify regular emphasize focuses to forestall breaking and parting close to the telephone and USB associations.

4. 90 Degree Aukey USB C Cable

Aukey USB C Cable 90 Degree Right Angle
Check Price at Amazon Aukey Lightning Cable

For people hoping to purchase a charging cable that won’t curve or tangle while they attempt to charge their gadgets and work simultaneously, there is the Aukey Lightning cable. This cable highlights 90-degree twists at both the USB-An and USB-C associations with forestall turning, tangling, and wire breakage. The cable likewise has a plaited nylon sheath to give insurance against fraying and parting.

5. Quntis Lightning USB-C Cable

Super Fast Charge Lightning Cable for iPhone
Check Price at Amazon Quntis Fast Charging Cable

At the point when you need power in a rush, the Quintis Lightning cable is here to help. This Lightning cable is planned explicitly for quick charging your cell phones. It’s ready to charge your iPhone or tablet to 50 percent in as meager as 30 minutes so you can continue working or having undertakings without agonizing over a dead battery. The cable is likewise Apple-confirmed for all iOS-based smartphones, tablets, and PCs so you won’t get any irritating mistake messages.

Summary and Recommendation

There you nailed it! We hope you have completed your chosen product of Lightning cables on the selection we recommend. Please refer to the buying guide and obtain the best products that fit your needs.

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