Top 3 Best Short Throw Projectors to Buy Online

Ultra Short throw projector with attractive and space-saving. Lately, ultra-short-throw projectors that projected only by 35cm away are also advisable. Even in small meeting rooms and home theaters where you live alone, you can enjoy games, movies, and presentations on a large screen, which is representing attention. However, there are many technical words, and it is remarkably hard to search for specifications that are compatible with 4K and used in bright places.

At this time, we will introduce how to choose a short-throw projector and recommended products in popular ranking order. Many products from famous manufacturers such as Epson and Sony will also appear. We will introduce a short throw and ultra single focus, so please find a product that suits your needs and your preferred budget.

What is a short-throw projector?

A short throw projector is a projector with a low or small focal length. Although there is no clear definition, a projector that can project an 80Inch screen at a distance of 1-meter to 80-centimeter from the screen commonly called a short focus, and a projector that can project an 80Inch screen at a distance of only 30-centimeter is called an ultra-short focus projector.

Concerning the price to worried about, the shorter the focus, the higher the price. For ultra-short focus models, more than 1000 dollars is the market price. If you can afford to be 1meters away from the wall, a short focus projector is advisable. If you can not afford it, an ultra-short-throw projector that is sufficient to place it on the wall also recommended.

How to choose a Short throw projector – Buying Guide

Now let’s take a look at how to choose a short throw projector.

Choose according to location and purpose

Projector for home theater

The decision depends considerably on whether you want to use it as a home theater in your home or in the office. Analyze the panel with the brightness or contrast ratio and choose the one that suits your most useful.

Choose high contrast ratio and 2500lm or more

High Contrast Projector

The various essential point when choosing is the brightness of the screen. The unit of measure that represents the brightness of the projector is called lm or lumen, but let’s choose this one with this number as high as possible. If it is used only in a dark place, 1500 to 2500lm or more is ideal because the picture is clear to see even in a bright place.

Furthermore, pay attention to the brightness as well as the contrast ratio. As for the contrast ratio represented by 3000 is to 1, the higher the number, the clearer the contrast and the more comfortable it is to see. Just be aware that too much light and darkness can make some people feel dazzling.

Choose LCOS or DLP panel is best for video presentation

Liquid crystal panels LCD or 3LCD is advisable for applications such as presentations and viewing photos. The Colors are magnificent, and prices are reasonable, so it’s easy to get.

If you want to use it instead of a TV, we suggest a DLP panel or LCOS panel. In both cases, afterimages are hard to perform even with fast-moving video, so even those who play FPS where screen response is necessary can be satisfied. LCOS panels can display higher quality images than DLP panels, but the disadvantage is that the body becomes larger and the price jumps.

Choose 4k resolution and screen ratio

The number of pixels and the screen ratio are set to some extent, and each has a name. I can not explain here because it will be long, but if you missed, it is advisable to use one that supports WXGA or WUXGA.

Among them, WUXGA has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, equivalent to full high-definition, so it works well as a home theater. Besides, there is also a 4K compatible short-throw projector, so if you are particular about visual beauty, check it out!

Make it sure that has correct a function

When preferring a short-throw projector, also check that it has a correction function. Short throw projectors have a short focal length, so the screen leads to be trapezoidal. If there is a correction function, the distortion corrected to a beautiful square.

Even if you carry it to various places without fixing the place, you need to adjust the screen each time. As long as you have this function, you don’t have to worry about where to put it. With one-touch correction, it’s even more convenient because you don’t need to make fine adjustments.

Choose a product that has many types of input terminals

Input terminals of a projector

Finally, prefer the type with as many input terminals as possible. If there are many compatible devices, it can be beneficial for any situation. There is no problem because it has an HDMI terminal, but if you have a USB or wireless LAN, the range of applications expanded.

It is more convenient for Mac users to select products that support Thunderbolt3. Also, if you have a VGA or RGB or AV terminal, you can enjoy the analog video by attaching to old equipment.

Top 3 Best Short Throw Projectors to Buy Online

Now, we will introduce the recommended ranking products of short-throw projectors.

1. BenQ Short Throw Projector 3D

BenQ Short Throw Projector (MW632ST) Supports WXGA
Check Price at Amazon BenQ Projector

A powerful short-throw projector that can also enjoy 3D illustrations

A model that can project a 60inch large screen at 1 meter. If you wear special glasses sold separately, you can enjoy 3D images. It seems like you can enjoy a powerful movie like a movie theater at home.

Some people question initial failures and after-sales service, so consider that when buying.

2. Acer Home theater DLP Projector

Acer H6517ST 3D Home Theater  DLP Projector
Check Price at Amazon Acer DLP Projector

It is a high-performance model that can project 100Inches with only 1.1m and has a brightness of 3000 lumens. With a contrast ratio of 10000 is to 1, then you can enjoy clear images.

Equipped with an eco-mode, and which not only reduces power consumption and operating noise but also reduces lamp consumption, so you can use it for a long time. Besides, since it supports 3D, if you connect it with compatible equipment and wear special glasses, you can achieve a powerful image experience.

3. BenQ Short Throw Gaming Projector

BenQ Short Throw Gaming Projector TH671ST
Check Price at Amazon BenQ Gaming Projectors

The thing that projects 100 inches at 1.5m and is confident in the high response speed of the video. It is a pleasing projector for those who play games with fast reaction speed, such as FPS. Because it is Full HD, then you can enjoy not only movies but also sports watching and live video with immersive image quality and Equipped with a sound system that sounds bass even with the latest technology. You can also select the mode and enjoy the sound that matches the video you are watching, such as music or cinema.


We have presented how to select short-throw projectors and recommended products, including ultra-short-throw projectors. How was it? All products can be projected from a distance of 1m to 1m or less and can be enjoyed even in a small room.

If you like the perfect model for your purpose, then you can enjoy even more great images than TV. Please get a short-throw projector and have a good time.

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