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Top 5 Best TV wall Mounts to Buy Online

A TV wall mount is an accessory that uses to attach your television into the wall with a stylish and convenient setup. With using this product on your 50 Inches monitor, you can enjoy watching like a theater. However, many types of products can purchase online, such as the angle type, that be able to adjust vertically, and the sizes that will fit any inches, and you might be wondering which one to choose.

In this article, we will define those specific guidelines on how to choose a product of a TV wall mounting brackets and also those popular products that are available online. Besides, we will also include tackling how to attach a TV wall mount! Please use this as your reference for you to obtain the perfect wall mount on your television.

What are the advantages of using TV wall mount?

Advantages of using TV wall mount

A TV wall mount is a useful accessory that you can install your television on the wall directly without a TV stand, and also it can minimize the space use in your room. It is attractive and popular because it will create a stylish design for the entire room. The truth is you can install your television anywhere you want, as long as you have a preferred wall that feels your convenience with comfort.

Furthermore, the benefits of using a television wall mount are not only for brackets for fixing it to the wall but also for massive earthquakes resistant and perfect for looking for preventive measures.

How to choose TV wall mount – Buying Guide

Let us discuss first the importance of choosing and following steps before we decide on buying products. Then it will follow the popular ranking of the products of a TV wall mount.

Select your preferred location of viewing

Fix location for your TV

The first thing to do when choosing a TV wall mount bracket is to determine the location and environment where you want to place your television, and which you can enjoy watching with comfortable.

Choose fixed type angle TV Wall mount

Fixed type angle

A type of TV mount in which you can attach your television with fixed and neatly fit on the wall. These product has no extra space from the wall to your television and recommended for those who want stylish design.

However, the metal fittings of this product are thin, and it might not fit if there are extra wiring at the back. Please take note that if you are planning to buy these types of products, just to make sure it will fit on the TV you wanted to attach.

Choose Vertical angle adjustment type

Vertical type for high elevation

Vertical type is advisable for those who want to install in a higher position if you don’t have enough space in your living room. This type has an adjustment angle upward and downwards so that you can watch TV from higher places, and even watching at daytime when sunlight outside is reflecting, then it is difficult to reflect on a higher position.

Besides, this product type has a thick metal fitting on it, and you can attach more wiring at the back without worrying about the space. Please include and consider vertical type if you want to install it at the higher places.

Choose Arm type TV wall mount

Arm type TV bracket

If you want to watch from multiple places, the arm type is advisable that can adjust not only up and down but also left and right position. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies anywhere by adjusting the position of the TV where you want to watch. Furthermore, there is a distance from the TV and the wall, so the wiring is applicable.

Also, you can extend the arm so you can take advantage of the corners of the room by adjusting the left and right angles.

Check the sizes of the TV you want to install

Corresponding TV sizes

If you already decided on the type of TV bracket, you must also check the TV you want to install by checking the compatible bracket. As for the standard TV wall hangings, it is recommended to attach the bracket itself.

You can also check the standard of the fittings and which is compatible. Most of the holes are inline with the international standards. Before purchasing the metal fittings, it is recommended to check the distance between the screw holes by looking at the manual or at the model itself.

Choose with large withstand TV mount

Large withstand bracket

A TV is an expensive home appliance, you must also consider a TV wall mount that the metal fitting has more load capacity that can accommodate the weight. If you want to install a TV that is heavy, not only the metal fittings but also the wall you are installing might be damaged.

Besides, if the recommended weight is too close, then the impact may cause the TV to drop in case has a disaster. It is safe to have with more capacity in advance or even if you want to install a smaller TV, you must select a load capacity of 30 kg or more.

You must pay attention to the color

Color of the metal fittings

If you want to have interior design, just to make sure that you must prefer the color of the metal fittings in order to have a great and ideal design for your room. Please choose a white it is recommended because it is easy to fit in the wallpaper.

Top 5 Best TV wall Mounts to Buy Online

We are introducing the top popular products of TV wall mounts, and we include the vertical type and arm type, which is highly recommended. Hence, product ranking is based on the highest product review online. I am sure that you have read and understood the guidelines, and you have now pretty much an idea.

1. Mounting Dream Universal TV Mount

Mounting Dream TV Mount
Check Price at Amazon MountingDream

This model is a universal TV mount that can connect 32 to 55 inch TV with up to 99 lbs, typically with max VESA of 400mm x 400mm/16 x 16 mounting holes spacing and 16 inches for wood studs spacing. Also, the viewing angle of the TV bracket can do up 5 degrees and down 15 degrees to reduce the reflection of the sun. Furthermore, the equipment is highly heavy-duty that uses the technology of a robot that is safe and strong.

2. Tilting TV Wall Mount by Perlesmith

Tilting TV Wall bracket
Check Price at Amazon Tilting TV

This model is manufactured by Perlesmith, that this product can mount more about 23 to 55 inches TV with maximum weight up to 115 lbs or 52 kilograms. This TV mount has a compatible faceplate that fits many different VESA sizes, that can mount a hole pattern on the back of the TV. This TV wall mount is safe to use with the high steel quality that can hold 4times the weight. Also, this product can easily be installed by hanging your television like a pro on 16 wood studs with standard equipment.

3. VideoSecu ML531BE2 Tv Wall Mount

VideoSecu ML531BE2
Check Price at Amazon VideoSecu ML531BE2

Heavy duty steel mount support, this is the feature on this product that can support up to 88 lbs with many compatible sizes of mounting VESA pattern. It also includes free magnetic stud finder, 6ft HDMI cable, and mounting equipment.

4. Ceiling TV Mount Product of Amazon

Best For Ceiling TV Mount
Check Price at Amazon Ceiling Tv Mount

This model of Tv wall mount can equip with 37 to 80 inches of TV, which is best for home and businesses. Also, with built-in commercial heavy duty steel for durability that can support up to 100 lbs weight capacity that can attach to the ceiling, and which provides a clean and stylish design for your television. Also, with easy installation guide included with full instruction and stud finding the template.

5. Vogel’s TV Wall Mount

Vogel's TV Wall Mount
Check Price at Amazon Vogel's TV Mount

Vogel’s tv mount is the model in which you can get extra thin and secure wall mount. You can mount your TV from the wall with 0.8 inches that can secure the TV up to 40 lbs. Also, you can tilt to reduce glare up to 15 degrees just incase outdoor refections with max VESA of 400×400.

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Summary and Recommendation

Alright, we have already introduced the popular products of TV wall mounts in the ranking order. The items we recommend are the best products that we found online. We check and review each item so that people can get high product quality and affordable at the same time that accommodates your needs.

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