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Top 3 Best Uninterruptible Power Supply to Buy Online

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is necessary to secure the time to shut down your Personal computer and servers in cases that power failure, Hence, there are many different brands and manufacturers such as APC, Meanwell, and Oeveo. Also, there are differences in power supply method output, and battery capacity, so it’s hard to choose what to buy.

At this time, we will introduce how to choose Uninterruptible Power supply and recommended products that are available online in rank order. However, choose a UPS that you can rely on in the case of a power failure and enjoy a safe and comfortable computer works.

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How to choose an Uninterruptible Power Supply – Buying Guide

First of all, we must know the importance and points on how to choose an Uninterruptible Power supply then we tackled the products after the reviews. Check this out!

Choose the type of Power supply method

There are various types of UPS or Uninterruptible Power supply, first is a commercial power supply, second is the interactive power supply and inverter power supply. Hence, you must choose a product that is suitable for your convenience, as the amount of power consumed and how it changes during the power interruption.

Choose for commercial use power supply

For a home personal computer, we recommend the always on the shelf power supply because of low in price at the same time low consumption and easy to purchase. The uninterruptible power supply of the standard commercial power supply system is simple to purchase because it is less expensive than other power supply products.

In a situation where there is no problem with the commercial power supply, the Alternative current or AC is sent directly to the connected device, and the battery is charged using a rectifier.

Choose with line interactive power supply

Also, if you want to ensure server protection and voltage stability even at home personal computer, then you must choose with line interactive power supply or automatic voltage regulator(AVR) built-in, and which not only switches from a commercial power supply to a UPS in the event of power interruption but also stabilize the voltage during standard operation.

Since instantaneous interruption is inevitable, it is not suitable for environments where the system is down, such as data centers. However, since it has sufficient performance and the product is not so expensive, and yet it is recommended for the excellent performance.

Choose has continuous inverter power feeding system

If you always operate using a server and want to switch from a commercial power supply to an uninterruptible power supply without instantaneous interruption in the event of power failure, the always-on inverter power supply system is advisable.

Furthermore, in a continuous inverter power supply system, alternating current flowing from the commercial power supply is converted to direct current with a rectifier, and the battery charged, while the frequency inverter always generates.

Choose the waveform power supply output

Here there are two types of uninterruptible power supply output waveforms, sine wave, and rectangular wave. Sine wave UPS is advisable because it is compatible with the PC server. Since the square wave type is cheap and easy to purchase, then be aware that it cannot use with a PC server that has built-in parts.

Choose the rated output battery capacity

You must also check the numbers of devices you want to connect like computers and servers, and then you select a UPS with a battery with rated output capacity that can supply enough power.

Furthermore, when multiple PC and servers in used, the rated output capacity required more in proportion to the number of devices. Take note that the Uninterruptible Power supply or UPS function cannot fully use if the pc or server connected beyond the output capacity.

Top 3 Best Uninterruptible Power Supply to Buy Online

Now we already know the essential points on how to choose an uninterruptible power supply or UPS, let us now introduce the recommended products that are available online.

3. CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS System

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System
Check Price at Amazon CyberPower

A product with a great balance between price and performance using the line-interactive power supply system by CyberPower in Taiwan, and which highly rated as easy to use, but the attached manuals and apps have a few descriptions and hard to understand. For those who have purchased UPS and looking for a new one, this product is advisable.

2. APC Sine Wave Uninterrupted Supply

Check Price at Amazon APC UPS Sine Wave

This product is a line-interactive power supply system manufactured by a French and sold under the brand name APC. As it looks at the size relatively large, it used with multiple devices such as a PC, Monitor, Router, and enough power supply.

1. APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS

APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS 750VA LCD 120V
Check Price at Amazon APC Smart UPS

An uninterruptible power supply manufactured by a French, and which is sold by brand name APC, and the product with a liquid crystal display in front. Furthermore, the rated output capacity of the battery is 500W, so it used by connecting multiple devices.


We introduced the recommended products of uninterruptible power supply or UPS. When searching for a UPS, you should check and select the product that best suits you by looking at the type waveform, and the battery capacity. Please get an uninterruptible power supply that you can rely on in the event of power interruption and a comfortable PC life.

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