Top 10 Best Popular Yoga Mats Online

Top 10 Best Popular Yoga Mats Online

Whether you just got into yoga or you’re an advanced yoga enthusiast, now that we are in a time where we can’t go to yoga studios, it is very convenient to have our own yoga mats at home. Yes, you don’t need a yoga mat to start, just a simple bath towel will do, but the comfort, cushioning, and stability of a yoga mat makes a world of difference.

There a lot of yoga mats out there, some are very cheap, while some can be very expensive. Choosing which yoga mat to buy can be quite overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve made a thorough research on what you need to know and consider when buying a yoga mat as well as some of our recommendations for the best yoga mats you can buy online, so keep on reading!

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How to Choose a Yoga Mat – Buying Guide

Looking at a yoga mat, one might think that it is simple, and choosing the right one for you would be easy. But there are a lot more things to consider when buying your yoga mat like the material it’s made of, the size, and even the design. 

Worry not! We have curated our guide to help you choose a yoga mat that will fit your needs and wants.

Consider the Materials and Their Eco-Friendliness

PVC, rubber, TPE, and EVA are some of the most commonly used materials to make yoga mats. Manufacturers are required to disclose whatever material they use, so you can check the labels to make sure.

PVC is Very Sticky But is the Least Eco-Friendly

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the most commonly used material to make yoga mats. These yoga mats have a sticky surface, which helps hugely when it comes to balance and stability when doing poses. However, PVC yoga mats are non-biodegradable, which means that they might last longer, but they’re not environmentally friendly.

PVC is latex-free, so it’s safe for those with latex allergies. PVC yoga mats may also come cheaper, so they’re good as a starter yoga mat– perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes into the meditative art of yoga but aren’t ready yet to spend a huge amount of money

Natural Mats Like Rubber are Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Natural yoga mats can be made of different naturally occurring materials. The most common material being rubber. Rubber yoga mats can also be seen on the labels as NBR or nitrile butadiene rubber. NBR mats are perfect for people who do yoga of all levels, beginner, advanced, or intermediate.

These yoga mats have a very grippy surface, helping with balance when doing poses, and helping avoid slipping. Because of the natural rubber, these mats may have a harder surface. They will also be heavier so transporting it might prove difficult.

These mats can also come with a smell that is noticeable at first and is not recommended for people with latex allergies. Natural rubber yoga mats are very durable, provide excellent cushioning, and have good slip-resistant features.

Natural yoga mats made of cork, jute, and cotton are also available as options but are less widely-used.

TPE Mats are Lightweight and Provide Good Traction

TPE also know as a thermoplastic elastomer is a man-made blend usually of plastic and rubber polymers. Unlike PVC mats, TPE mats are biodegradable but offer less durability. These mats are odorless and incredibly lightweight-perfect for your transport and portability needs. 

These mats are perfect for more advanced yogis since these provide a lot of traction, you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling when doing more daring poses. However, compared to PVC and NBR mats, TPE mats are the most expensive ones.

EVA Mats are Very Lightweight and Easy to Clean

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is the material that makes up EVA Yoga mats. These mats are synthetic, very lightweight, and have good resistance to cracking. These might be the lightest yoga mats out there, so if you always travel and practice yoga during your journey, EVA yoga mats are your best bet.

EVA yoga mats have a high moisture-resistance and are relatively easy to clean after your yoga sessions. EVA yoga mats are the same materials as flip-flops and those puzzle-like foam floor mats. So just like those, these mats tend to stretch as you work out, and EVA mats may contain noticeable chemical odors that can be undesirable.

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Yoga Mats Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

The thickness and size of your yoga mat can greatly affect your comfort and stability when doing yoga poses. Keep these things in mind when choosing a mat that will work for you.

3 to 4mm thick is the standard thickness in a yoga mat and works for most people, so this is a good thickness to start with. This thickness is also easier to store and carry. If you have some joint problems, or if you just want more support for your joints, go for something thicker like an 8mm or a 10mm one. 

You have to keep in mind that when you’re doing yoga, a thicker mat might make it harder to balance and do some standing poses. Thicker mats might make you feel less connected to the floor. Also, it will be heavier than and not as portable as the thinner yoga mats.

180cm with a width of 61cm is the standard dimension of most yoga mats. So if you’re taller, make sure to get an extra-long yoga mat. Extra-wide ones are also available so if you want more space.

Choose your Design: Colorful, Patterned, or Minimal?

This part is up to personal preference. You can opt for a yoga mat that goes well with the ambiance of the room you’re doing yoga in, you can choose a bold design to stand out, or you can choose one that is simple and calming.
Go for whichever one will make you excited to do yoga, and you will make you actually unroll and use it.

Top 10 Best Popular Yoga Mats Online

Now that you know the right things to consider when buying a yoga mat, here are some of our recommendations on yoga mats that you can buy online.

10. LixadaNon-Slip Yoga Mat

Price: ₱999

A Reversible TPE Mat That Helps With Body Alignment

This mat is reversible and comes in two colors: blue and pink. One side has lines and markings which help in proper body alignment during poses, while the other side has a wavy pattern perfect for practicing difficult stances. This makes it perfect for beginners as well as advanced yogis!

Moreover, this TPE mat is PVC-free and also latex-free. This mat weighs only 870g, so it is still light and easy to transport. Plus, it comes with a carrying strap that can also be used for floor workouts, and a carrying bag for storing and transporting.

9. Camel SportsOutdoor High Quality Yoga Mat

Price: ₱978

A Perfect Indoor and Outdoor NBR Yoga Mat

This yoga mat provides a lot of cushioning with its 10mm thickness. Perfect for beginners as it would absorb any impact, so you don’t have to worry about falling, well, as long as you fall on the mat.

Made with NBR Rubber so it is safer for the environment. It’s hygienic, too, because you can easily clean it with water. This also comes with a carrying case for transporting and storing.

8. Camel Sports130cm Double Person Wide Yoga Mat

Price: ₱1,800

AN NBR Yoga Mat Perfect For Couples

The more the merrier is true with this mat! Perfect for couples who want to do yoga together. This mat has a dimension of 185cmx130cm so it is extra wide and has more than enough space for two people.

This mat is made from NBR rubber and comes with straps to be used for rolling it up after use. 

7. OEM4mm Thickness EVA Comfort Foam Yoga Mat

Price: ₱277

An Affordable Starter EVA Yoga Mat

This mat is on the cheaper side so it is perfect for those who want to start doing yoga but aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on a mat. This mat is made from EVA foam and is available in six different vibrant colors.

This mat is also shorter than the standard yoga mat length so keep that in mind when you are buying this product.

6. No BrandGym Sports Yoga Mat Tie-Dye

Price: ₱1,335

A Very Cute Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

This mat will make you want to do yoga because of its design. The tie-dye design is very “aesthetic”. The bright colors are enticing and you’ll look forward to doing yoga every day. Perfect for yogis of all levels.

In addition, this yoga mat is also eco-friendly as it is made from TPE. It might come with a certain smell at first, but it will disappear after a few days.

5. No BrandThickened Printed Anti-Slip Yoga Towel

Price: ₱750

A Very Light And Portable Cloth Mat Perfect For Traveling

Another tie-dye design, but this one is made from fine fibers and is machine washable. This mat is perfect for more experienced yoga practitioners as it is very thin so you will feel more connected to the floor.

It has anti-skid particles at the bottom to prevent slipping. This mat is perfect for those who want to do yoga in different places because it is very light and compact. It also comes with a carrying case to store the mat towel.

4. D&DTPE Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Price: ₱699

A Simple But Eco-Friendly TPE Mat For Everybody

This mat is very simple, yet it will do what it is supposed to do and more! This mat is fully-recyclable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. It is also PVC, latex, phthalates, and chloride-free.

This mat has dual colors, the top part ensures you stay secure and safe from slipping while the bottom part grips the floor

3. Anti-Slip Chamois Yoga Mat

Price: ₱1,459

Stand Out With Bold Prints With This TPE Mat

If you don’t want a boring and plain mat, go for this one! You can choose from different beautiful and colorful prints. This definitely makes doing downward dogs more exciting. This yoga mat is made from TPE and suede, making your yoga sessions more comfortable, however, the suede material might be a tad slippery if you have sweaty hands.

Moreover, this mat is thick enough to support your joints and thin enough that you will still feel connected to the floor.

2. Camel Sports Thick and Wide Non-Slip NBR Yoga Mat

Price: ₱1,031

A Thick and Wide NBR Yoga Mat For Those Who Need Extra Support and Space

This mat is recommended for people who have joint problems and want a yoga mat with more support. It is extra-thick and extra-wide, allowing you to do any movement freely. 

You can also choose if you want lines to guide you when doing poses, or if you just want a plain mat. Keep in mind that for thicker yoga mats, it might be harder to balance doing standing poses. 

1. LUOWAN 183 x 61 x 1cm Extra Thick Yoga Mats

Price: ₱719.1

A No-Nonsense NBR Yoga Mat For Yoga Lovers of All Shapes and Sizes

This mat comes as a set with a carrying strap and a bag. Perfect for doing yoga anytime and anywhere because it is portable and lightweight. It is made from NBR rubber so this yoga mat is not for people with latex allergies. 

This mat is waterproof and can be cleaned with water and soap, or even with just a towel.

Summary and Recommendation

Now you know that when choosing a yoga mat, there are a number of things to consider. Each person has different needs and preferences, so we hope that this guide and recommendation list helped you find the perfect yoga mat for you. Namaste!

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