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Top 5 Best Medium Sized TVs to Buy Online

A medium-sized TV that can place in the bedroom or living room, and yet many types are available in the market, and Also, there are few points we need to consider such as 32 types and 40 types, full HD or 4K resolution.

At this time, we will introduce the recommended medium-sized TVs with less than 50 inches in ranking order, that base on 32 and 40-inch products. We will also look at the points that reveal how to choose online. And so please check it out and find a medium-sized TV that accommodates you.

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How to choose a medium-sized TV – Buying Guide

Buying a new medium-sized TV is an investment. Yes, many units out there much more expensive, but one TV can last you 10 to 20 years; with proper use and maintenance, of course.

The most important factor we need to consider when choosing a medium-sized TV is. Which you can find the best place you put in or suitable for your needs, and also that accommodates you.

Choose the size according to your needs

When choosing the appropriate TV size varies depending on the size of the room where the TV placed. Let’s check which size TV fits the size of the room.

Choose 40 Inch size Family living Satisfaction

Similarly, when putting a TV in a living room of a wider distance, the 40-inch or bigger size is suitable. A 40-inch TV is about 50cm in height, so “50cm x 3 = about 1.5m” and about 1.5m is a fit viewing distance. It is easy to acquire this distance for a family living room with an area of about 20 to 30 meters.

Moreover, If the living room has a longer distance, the viewing gap will be longer. So We recommend to choose and consider a 46 inch or larger TV for your living room to suits your needs.

Check the Resolution to the LCD panel

The resolution indicates how many small dots make up the image. The higher the resolution, the clearer and beautiful the image will be. However, the larger the TV size, is the easier it will be to see the difference in resolution.

Also, Full HD Resolution used as in terrestrial digital broadcasting, the high-definition resolution is sufficient for viewing mainly in terrestrial digital television. But you can still watch beautiful images without going to 4k TV.

Check the Characteristics of each manufacturer

Many manufacturers sell TVs, but each field of expertise is different, so let’s check the features. Sony TV’s “Bravia” Series evaluated as a good design and sound quality. Whereas Panasonic’s “Viera” Known as by wide viewing angle IP’s panel which as a high-contrast visual, and It has a good reputation for ease use such as easy program search.

Top 5 Best Medium-Sized TVs to Buy Online

Alright! After reading through the guide on how to choose the top best medium-sized TV, Now! It’s time to take a look at some great models to select from the best-recommended market. So let’s check out the list to see which model will accommodate your needs.

5. LG Alexa Built-In C9 Series

LG OLED55C9PUA Alexa Built-in C9 Series 55 Inch
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LG’s C Series OLED beat this rundown for the subsequent year running, with the new LG C9 model flaunting the absolute best of LG’s qualities.

With the efficient web OS brilliant stage giving you simple access to the savvy TV’s numerous applications and services, and the OLED board and redesigned a9 Gen 2 processor to make those pictures truly fly, there’s almost no to scrutinize in this superb 2019 LG TV.

The C9 isn’t the most developed LG TV out there, with the E9 and W9 models offering bolder structure and greater sound yield – regardless of whether the image quality is the equivalent over every one of the three models. Be that as it may, for the presentation you get at the value, the C9 truly can’t be beaten, and merits pride of spot at the lead 55-inch TV size.

The inclined TV stand utilized in the C9 additionally attempts to pipe sound from its descending terminating speakers toward the watcher; not exactly a swap for the E9’s 4.2 channel speakers, however an indication of the C9’s perseverance to offer the best experience it can with the parts gave.

4. Sony Master Series Oled Ultra HD

Sony XBR-55A9G 55 Inch TV
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The model exceeds expectations with regards to upscaling, with SD and HD pictures looking as cleaned and detailed as you could seek after on the A9G’s 4K show – while the OLED board figures out how to draw out amazing shading and differentiation execution.

Sound is likewise a key component, with Sony’s top-notch Acoustic Surface+ Audio innovation transmitting sound out of the board itself, instead of sticking out of back terminating speakers.

There are some particular imperfections significant, including the absence of Freeview Play – the on request administration for British telecasters. While you get premium Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos designs, there’s likewise no HDR10+, which might be an issue contingent upon which gushing administrations and HDR sources you use. The A9G is, in any case, IMAX Enhanced ensured for those enthused about the realistic perspective proportion and DTS-blended sound that manages.

3. HISENSE 50 Inch 4K UHD Smart TV

HISENSE H50B7100UK 50-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play
Check Price at Amazon HISENSE H50B7100UK

The design and build of the TV are pretty solid for a low/mid-range set. The Picture quality surprised and expecting below average results for a low-end model but this thing once calibrated right in the Picture settings will make you take notice.

The sound condition is surprisingly loud and clear. It also has Digital Optical Out for your Receivers or Sound Bars. I use the Standard, Sports, and Gaming Animation modes to make the screen quality burst, doing very minor tweaks to each preset.

2. Philips Ambilight 55 Inch Led Smart TV

Philips Ambilight 55PUS6754/12 TV 55 inch LED Smart TV (4K UHD, HDR 10), Dolby Vision
Check Price at Amazon Philips Ambilight

Philips has altogether updated the image preparing intensity of its 2018 OLED TVs, and the advantages of this newly discovered strength can be seen writ huge, with an upgraded difference and dynamite hues.

The brand’s second era P5 Perfect Processing Engine offers double the image preparing intensity of the first, and that was a truly great chip in its own right.

Be that as it may, the primary draw might be what Philip’s Ambilight lighting framework brings to the survey understanding, tossing hues over the divider in an all-out gala for the eyes. Why limit the image to simply the TV, all things considered?

Purchasers ought to gauge the visual advantages against the minor aggravations, similar to the poor makeup for lost time TV arrangement, only two full-spec UHD HDMI inputs, and the absence of Dolby Vision.

1. Ultra HD QLED Dolby Vision Smart TV

TCL 55 Ultra HD QLED Dolby Vision HDR Smart TV
Check Price at Amazon TCL 55 Dolby Vision HDR TV

While we could without much of a stretch fill this rundown with TVs that cost thousands, we attempt to gauge screens by how well they perform at their cost – and, by that measurement, there are barely any TVs superior to the TCL 6-Series QLED (55R625).

Because of the expansion of Quantum Dots, the 6-Series is more vivid than any other time in recent memory and the new AIPQ motor makes upscaled content look far and away superior to a year ago, as well. It will most likely be unable to yield a similar pinnacle brilliance as QLED TVs from Samsung and Vizio, however, it costs not exactly 50% of the challenge.


This time, we introduced the following rankings of medium-sized TVs, centering on 32 to 55-inch products. The necessary functions may vary depending on the show you want to watch and how you want to watch it in which rooms.

Moreover, Make your daily life even more fun by watching movies, watching programs, playing games, etc. on the TV that suits you.

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