Top 5 Best Mouse Bungee to Buy Online

The Mouse Bungee is a tool that supports the cord of a mouse that provides comfort like a wireless mouse feeling. However, there are two types of Mouse Bungee, the cord holder, and cable assembler. And which the fixing method and materials are different in many manufacturers such as BenQ, Cougar, and Razer.

Therefore, we would like to introduce in detail the points of choosing and the recommended products of Mouse Bungee, if you have an easy to use items, then you can operate the mouse comfortably.

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How to choose a Mouse Bungee – Buying Guide

Let us determine each point on how to choose, and the specification that we want to know on the prefered products we wanted to select.

Choose the classic or Anchor type

Anchor Type

Anchor type is the standard type of a Mouse Bungee with the strong weight on its base. It is also supported by internal weigh and recommended for those who required stable performance. By the way, some of them are not using only those weight but also in rubber material.

Anchor types sold by many developers, so much better to check carefully.

Choose vacuum suction type for suitable gaming

Vacuum suction type

If you regularly move the mouse violently while on the game, the vacuum suction type is recommended, and it can be used by sucking a powerful cup into your table. Although the suction is strong, then you can easily remove just pulling the lever, making you easy to remove and install.

However, it cal only attached to the flat part where the suction cup can be attached, and it does not stick with an uneven surface.

Choose magnet type that is easy to adjust

Magnet type

If you are using a metal desk, then you can consider a magnet type mouse bungee, that is easy to adjust the length of the cord. The magnet type that is uses a strong magnet to hold firmly into your desk. Also, the adjustment of the cord is easier than the suction type.

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Adjustable arm for small space

Adjustable arm mouse bungee

If your space is limited, then the adjustable arm type is advisable and convenient. However, the mouse bungee itself has a decent size, but the arms will particularly take-up in a large space. If the arm expands, then it is recommended to make it compact when not use.

Top 5 Best Mouse Bungee to Buy Online

Let’s now take a look at the best products of Mouse bungee in the ranking order, and please refer to the selection to obtain the best that meets your needs.

1. Scorpion Type Mouse Bungee

Scorpion Type Mouse Bungee
Check Price at Amazon Scorpion Type Mouse Bungee

This Scorpion Type Mouse Bungee is a recommended product for those who want to choose because of the many features. It can be used as a microSD card reader as well as a 3-port USB hub.

However, An unusual form like a scorpion, the design is quite noticeable with silver. The rubber on the bottom is made of a material that does not easily transfer colour, so it is also important that traces remain on the desk.

2. Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee

Cougar Bunker CGR-XXNB-MB1
Check Price at Amazon Cougar Bunker

This Cougar Bunker’s mouse bungee has a specification for being extremely stable and able to withstand intense mouse works during the game. This is equipped with a powerful suction cup at the bottom, it can be fixed on the desk with this.

Adjustable head allows for intense movement. We can work comfortably like the feeling of the wireless mouse without feeling weight of cord. The review evaluation is also good, and it is popular that the operation feeling of the mouse has changed so as to be surprised.

3. Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee

Enhance Pro
Check Price at Amazon Enhance Pro

This product Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee is equipped with a metal spring arm and has a highly adjustable design. Easy to use with any other gaming mouse, no need to worry about the thickness of the mouse cable.

It also has a USB port, making it ideal for those who want to connect a gaming headset or keyboard pad at the same time. The illumination function is also substantial.

4. Buzifu Aluminum Mouse Bungee

Aluminum Mouse Bungee
Check Price at Amazon Buzifu

It is an Aluminum mouse bungee that stores the cord in a stainless steel body, not a hanging type. It has a high review rating and recommended for those who want to install it in a compact size.

The design is very simple and inconspicuous, and it is also stylish. If you want to stick to the look on your desk, check it out.

5. Sharkoon Gaming Mouse Bungee

Sharkoon Mouse Bungee
Check Price at Amazon Sharkoon

The Sharkoon Mouse bungee is recommended for those who are looking for highly stable products with a wide base. The built-in weight of the anchor type and the non-slip on the back support the mouse operation firmly.

However, this product is a combination of SHARK ZONE M51 + SZ-M51PLUS, with yellow illumination and yellow USB cable are also attractive. It also features a stylish shape designed for gamers.

How to install a mouse bungee

Installation guide

For first time use, some people are wondering where to install, but basically, it is ok if you put it anywhere. The installation method is very simple if it is a suction board or a magnet type, it will not prevent the performance of the mouse, just to attach it to a place where you can easily move the cord. Then the anchor type can be used immediately just by placing it.


Alright, we have already introduced a few points for choosing a Mouse Bungee. How did you like it? By the way, each product that has its characteristics, but you can proceed through the products based on how you place and install it and what other functions you want.

The product introduced is based on the product review gathered by our team and compare each product.

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