Top 4 Best LED Headlight Bulbs to Buy Online

One of the problems we face as Motorcycle users is that for some reason our headlight always seems easy to burn. So once the first one we got in the pack has to withdraw, what should we pick?

You could stick to Halogen or opt for another brand which is cheaper or much more expensive, but it will definitely won’t fall apart as easily.

In this section, we’ll discuss certain features and points you’ll need to make a record of before buying a new bulb. And of course, we’ll also introduce a list of the best-led lights bulb you can get online.

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How to choose a LED lights bulb – Buying Guide

One way to keep your Motorcycle Lights in good condition is to purchase a good Led lights bulb. So let’s find out what set the genuine apart from the rest.

Determine the socket of your motorcycle

H4 Socket for motorcycle

Let’s start by dividing Led lights bulb into socket type. You’ll need to decide which socket will fit to accommodate your Motorcycle and needs.

Authentic Led lights bulb for the Best Compatibility

It’s a common understanding that LEDs of the equivalent brand will have the best compatibility. You won’t need to worry about any negative impact on your Motorcycle either, but if there is a failure, you can always get it replaced or repaired provided that it’s within the warranty period.

There are, however, some limitations. As we all know, led easily burnt out, so only use them if you’re confident you can handle them with care.

Avoid Uncertified LED lights: They’re Cheap, but Risky to Use

Those uncertified LED lights bulb you can find for really cheap fall into the last level. You’d be risking ruining the condition of your Motorcycle by using these products, so we do not recommend them.

These products have not QC by specialists. Which means the compatibility might be bad. Aside from possible failures, lights might be slow or unstable compared to high-quality led.

Also, using these uncertified Light bulbs would void your Wiring warranty, if in case it does start malfunctioning. As much as possible, try to avoid an uncertified LED.

Choose the Beam pattern Depending on Your Needs

F2 Led Headlights for motorcycle Sniper 150 Beam pattern

Led light comes in the different spreads. Depending on where and what you want to use them, the spread of the light will matter. Shorter lights are less likely to get vision and longer ones are good visibility.

Make it Sure Covered by Warranty

Despite good brands produce defective products; It is very required to check whether products are covered. Also, read it, And to check what the warranty includes because there are times that the broken end won’t mean you can replace it. It’s also ideal to choose a Headlight bulb with a long warranty period. This will vary per product, so make sure to review it.

Top 4 Best LED Headlight Bulbs to Buy Online

Now that we’ve discussed the circumstances you need to know before buying a Led lights, let’s go ahead and check out the top led lights you can get online.

4. Cougar Led Headlight Bulbs Kit

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs
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An extremely evaluated set of headlights by numerous vehicle owners, A Cougar LED Headlight bulbs guarantee to be up to 100 percent more brilliant than standard halogen models. Utilizing premium innovation, they enlighten dull spots or foggy light. Furthermore, when they preceded, they will give 50 thousand hours of light.

With respect to the establishment, you can fit them into most vehicles in around 25 minutes. On the off chance that you are uncertain whether they are reasonable for your vehicle, it merits reaching the maker before buy. You can have confidence that they intended to keep up their elite in every unique sort of climate states.

3. NINEO H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulb 12000 Lumens

NINEO H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulb 12000 Lumens
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The Super bright customized CREE Chips with an extremely white and perfect beam pattern led lights. The fan designed with maximum heat dissipation, With easy plug and play installation, and 1-year warranty and lifetime support.

2. Marsauto M2 Series Led High and Low Beam Headlamp

Marsauto M2 Series Led Headlights Bulbs
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The Perfect beam pattern and Super bright visibility at night with no blind by an oncoming vehicle. It has also, the newest technology heat sink and fast response time. The product may return or exchange within 30 days with 24 months warranty.

1. F2 9000 Lumens Dual High and Low Beam H4 Socket

F2 Led lights Bulb 9000 Lumens Dual High and Low Beam H4 Socket
Check Price at Amazon F2 Led Headlights Bulbs
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The high quality led that will fits all vehicles with high power genuine and high illumination Cree led chips, and It was the newest technology with 6063 aviation aluminum heat sink and design for a longer life span.

The life span is more than 30,000 hours and easy to install a direct plug and play. It may require load resistors to avoid the error or blinking. Also, It includes a 2 years warranty.


No matter how expensive you bought, The important is safe when traveling during at night, and Cheaper prices will take you the wrong product expectation.

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