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Top 5 Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Review

A full-face motorcycle helmet is necessary to secure the safety of the head tightly to the chin. There are various manufacturers such as SHOEI, Arai Helmet, Caberg, Nolan, Scorpion, Bell, and there are also differences such as size, visibility, safety standards, breathability weight, so there are many people who do not know which product to buy online.

This time, we will no introduce how to choose full-face motorcycle helmets and recommended the best products available in rank order. Choose a reliable full-face motorcycle helmet and enjoy a safe and comfortable bike rides.

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How to choose full-face motorcycle helmets – Buying Guide

First, let’s tackled the essential points and tips on how to choose a full-face motorcycle helmet, then we will sure you have 100 percent pretty much idea after reading this guide.

Choose the right size that fits comfortably

The most important to find a motorcycle helmet that fits your head, and makes you comfortable. Hence, to protect the entire head, it is insignificant unless it is the right size. A full-face motorcycle helmet will give you enough safety if it is in good eye position, excellent visibility, and a comfortable chin and neck.

The structure of the head and face varies from person to person, and the protruding shape of the skull. Therefore, even if one part is perfect, there may be a gap in the other part. In such cases, it is better to fit the pad by filling the gap.

Check the visor visibility and ensure UV protection

Visor clear visibility and UV protection

Let us choose a full-face motorcycle helmet with a bright and clear color visor with UV protection. Full-face motorcycle helmets cover the entire face, so the area of the opening is small, and the field of view tends to narrow. Avoid dark shades such as black or dark gray, and which can reduce visibility at night and increase the risk of traffic accidents.

The visor with UV protection can protect your eyes from UV rays and prevent sunburn. Let’s ride safely and comfort while ensuring visibility and protecting your eyes from UV rays, while also preventing sunburn.

Check if there are ventilation features

Full face motorcycle helmet ventilation features
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Choose a full-face motorcycle helmet with full ventilation features, and which full-face motorcycle helmets cover up to the tip of the chin and are breathable, tending to heat up inside and stuffy.

To relieve the heat and ensure easy breathing, you should choose a helmet that incorporates a structure called ventilation system, and it is a ventilation hole and slits with excellent breathability in the jaw and top of the head.

Choose lightweight full-face motorcycle helmet

Lightweight full face motorcycle helmet
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If you choose a full-face motorcycle helmet with a weight of 2kg or below, it will not burden your neck, and it will be easy to drive. The full-face motorcycle helmet is completely heavier than other types of full-face motorcycle helmets because it completely wraps the from the head up to the chin.

If it is too heavy, it will put a lot of strain on the neck, and it will be hard to drive. Choose a product that fits your wants and has the right weight for you.

Choose the type which has safety standards

Safety Standards Motorcycle Helmets
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Choose a full-face motorcycle helmet that meets DOT standards for regular motorbike rides, including highway driving. Each has cleared the safety standards of the American Safety standards, and the product safety association of America, and is safe and secure.

Choose a world-class safety helmet for race

Bell Full face Motorcycle helmet for racing
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If you are looking for a remarkably high-level performance full-face motorcycle helmets for racing, then you should purchase a helmet that meets standards such as Bell.

However, products that meet standards are expensive and maybe over-special for everyday motorcycle riding, including highway driving.

Top 5 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

As you follow the tips and points, you have now pretty much an idea on how to choose a full-face motorcycle helmet. Let’s check the recommended products and choose wisely.

1. Bell Race Star full-face motorcycle helmet

Bell Race Star Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet
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From the buying guide, it has received that the design is excellent, ventilation is fabulous, and it is safe because it conforms to DOT quality standards. This full-face motorcycle helmet is advisable also for racing and everyday use.

2. Scorpion EXO Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R320 Full-Face Solid Helmet
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The Scorpion Evo is an advanced LG polycarbonate shell with DOT certified motorcycle helmets, and which has an Ellip-tech system and cheek pads that accommodate eyeglasses, also communication system speaker pockets.

3. Bell Qualifier Full face helmet

Check Price at Amazon Bell Qualifier

The helmet presented with an optional tinted shield if you will buy this it will only ship with a clear visor. Hence, it is a lightweight polycarbonate or ABS composite shell, and which is a strong and a quality motorcycle helmet. Also, it has a click release system for the fastest and easiest tool-free shield swaps ever. It includes a 5-year warranty and DOT approved that meets FMVSS 2018 standard.

4. Shoei Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The main motorcycle on our rundown is RF-1200 from Shoei. This dashing helmet is the successor to a helmet that was at that point a colossal hit in the motorcycle gear showcase, the RF-1100.

The RF-1200 based upon the features of the RF-1100 and even enhanced the comfort and wearability of the helmet. A top of the line motorcycle helmet in light of current circumstances, the RF-1200 does all that you need a hustling or a road visiting motorcycle helmet to do.

Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
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On the off chance that there one thing to characterize this marvelous helmet it is comfort. The RF-1200’s inward covering is similarly as high caliber as you would generally expect from a Shoei made helmet. Each bit of the hypoallergenic internal coating is removable and launderable. The helmet likewise includes an incredibly delicate and comfortable coating in the lower half of the helmet.

What additionally makes this helmet truly comfortable. Is that the RF-1200 is no uncertainty the lightest Snell guaranteed helmet on any track today. A few clients even tell that they nearly overlooked that there even a motorcycle helmet sitting on their shoulders.

This degree of comfort makes this model a distinct leader for the best full-face motorcycle helmet available in 2019. Long visiting rides will be significantly more comfortable with the RF-1200 on your noggin. Racers will likewise profit by the additional comfort, as it is one less interruption while they’re focused in on each turn.

5. Arai Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

Much like the past helmet, the XD4 from Arai is very good quality and a high-end motorcycle helmet. Being on the high-finish of the range, the XD4 likewise carries with it a top of the line cost. The sticker price is all-around earned the same number of considering the XD4 the summit of double game motorcycle helmets.

Arai XD4 Helmet
Arai XD4
Check Price at Amazon Arai XD4

Through and through the XD4 hits the most noteworthy imprints from what a double game motorcycle helmet can hit. Astonishing vision with its wide vertical and level leeway for a full view all around, precisely the sort of helmet you need for an undertaking visit.

The entire expansion on this helmet assembled solidly and solidly. Taking care of this motorcycle helmet in your grasp you can explain why there is such a lot of good acclaim for the XD arrangement from Aria.

Aria has set the bar for what experience visiting motorcycle helmets ought to be. All-round wellbeing, quality, and comfort the XD4 drives the path for all experience visiting helmets. What’s more, it is the top of the decision for ADV visit devotees.

The sticker price is nothing to hack at, however on the off chance that you are paying attention to experience visiting. At that point, you can put down your wager on the XD4.


This time, we already introduced the best-recommended products for full-face motorcycle helmets. When looking for a full-face motorcycle helmet, look at its size, breathability, visibility, weight, and meet the safety standards and choose the best product for you. Get a full-face motorcycle helmet you can rely on in the event of an emergency and enjoy a safe and comfortable bike rides.

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