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Top 3 Best Phone Holder for Motorcycle to Buy Online

A phone holder for a motorcycle is a useful item that can be attached to the steering wheel of your vehicle. To make it easier and handle your phone while on your rides hands-free and to take out the map quickly. However, there are many mounting methods, such as pouch type, clamp type, and rubber type, and it is hard to find the perfect phone holder for your motorcycle.

At this time, we will introduce the popular products that you can purchase online, along with the point and tips on how to choose a Smartphone holder. Use it wisely for your navigation and will enjoy a comfortable drive.

What are those advantages of using Phone Holders?

Some people still use it, but the motorcycle phone holder is growing popular, especially for a motorcyclist who likes riding. The advantage is that it can use as motorcycle navigation by using the smartphone app.

Of course, motorcycle navigation is also available on the market, but very expensive. However, it is hard to stop the motorcycle and take the map out of the bag and check it, and it can be time-consuming.

On the other hand, smartphone navigation apps used quickly and inexpensively while having a high performance with almost no positional error even when moving at high speed on a motorcycle.

How to choose a Phone holder – Buying Guide

Let us choose the smartphone holder for your motorcycle according to the following essential points.

The type of phone holder that ease to use

There are many types of phone holders for motorcycles, depending on how smartphones are fit and fixed. First of all, let’s choose the type considering the composition and ease of use of your smartphone.

Clamp type phone holder go for sightseeing

This type of phone holder that smartphone firmly sandwiched between four clamps. It can easily be fastened and removed with a click. The smartphone’s screen is also open, so you can easily operate quickly.

On the other hand, if you do not have a waterproof smartphone, there is a risk of exposure to snow and rain, or it may not use on any other weather condition. Also, there is a danger that clamp will loosen due to shock or vibration, so you must check the size of the corresponding smartphone holder sufficiently or fixing the status on the beans before.

Pouch type for those who like a long trip

This type of phone holder has a vinyl porch on the mount and put the smartphone inside. You have to open the zipper each time you remove, and there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to operate the smartphone from the top of the porch, but the smartphone does not fall off barely.

The porch type is convenient because it contains small items such as tickets, and it can also protect from snow or rain, so it used with confidence even on smartphones that are not waterproof.

Rubber type Smartphone holder

The rubber mold is a holder made by adding durable rubber to the clamp to fix the smartphone firmly. Although the holding power is high, it can easily be attached and detached with patch and rubber, so it is the type that is rapidly gaining popularity.

This type also has a high design because colorful rubber with good coloring accented. Although, since the rubber declines quickly, and fix the clip securely and always use it after checking for rubber deterioration.

Metal mount for motorcycle phone holder

The most critical thing about the smartphone holder for a motorcycle is the loss of the smartphone due to falling off. There are also plastic and magic belt mount parts to attach to the handlebar, or but it is advisable to select metal parts for the mount part so that the holder does not fall off due to vibration while riding the bike.

Also check the diameter of the handle firmly

It is dangerous to think that it attached to any handle if it is a smartphone holder for a motorcycle. So before purchasing, you must to measure the width of the handle of your vehicle and make sure that it can installed. If the handle diameter is small, then you can attach it by sandwiching a cushioning material, so you must consult with a store clerk.

Choose a motorcycle phone holder that is adjustable

Smartphones have different horizontal and vertical sizes and thickness depending on the brand and model. When purchasing a smartphone holder for your motorcycle, make sure to check the model and size of the compatible smartphone holder. All types offer some flexibility, but if you consider replacing your smartphone in the future, it is safe to choose a versatile smartphone holder for your motorcycle.

Top 3 Best Phone Holder for Motorcycle to Buy Online

Here are the lists of recommended products for motorcycle phone holders in popular ranking order. So, please check it carefully and find the best phone holder that will fit your needs.

1. Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Holder

Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Holder
Check Price at Amazon Metal Bike Phone Holder

This is a smartphone holder for motorcycles that is easy to install because it only requires to be screwed in between the handle and the mount, and is also advisable for women. You can fix the smartphone tightly with a square clip and rubber, but since the holder can rotate 360 degrees, you can change and fix it in any direction according to the composition of the motorcycle and your usage. With a 12month manufacturer warranty, and it is safe.

2. Swivel Motorcycle Smartphone Holder

Swivel Motorcycle Smartphone Holder
Check Price at Amazon Swivel Phone holder

This is a porch-type smartphone holder for motorcycles that attached to the handle. The arm twisted and angled, so you can fix your smartphone in a position you can easily view. The pouch itself removed from the arm, so it is safe to take a break and leave the motorcycle.

3. RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount

RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount
Check Price at Amazon Ram X-Grip Phone Holder

This is an impressive motorcycle smartphone holder with a rubber ball as a fulcrum. A spring mounted on the X-shaped arm that supports the ball, so you can securely fit your smartphone at 4 points. Lam Mount is a long-established United States manufacturer that produces and sells various navigation and smartphone mounts. The product has high reliability and is a popular product that has received stars in Amazon user reviews.


Then, we already introduced the top-recommended products concerning phone holders for motorcycles in the rank order. Did you find your chosen items on the lists?

The phone holder for a motorcycle is a convenient tool that makes your driving comfort. However, navigation and watching the smartphone while driving is strictly prohibited! When it is necessary to check, the rule is to stop on the side once. Then let’s enjoy free riding using easy to use motorcycle smartphone holder carefully.

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