Top 6 Best Car Navigation System to Buy Online

Car navigation is necessary for driving. There are popular models such as Carrozzeria and Gorilla that appeared made manufacturers by Panasonic, Pioneer, and Kenwood. However, if you want to choose online, there are a variety of functions and types such as removable portable type and DVD player compatible, those that you can watch TV with full seg, yet you will be in trouble choosing.

At this time, along with how to choose a car navigation system, we will introduce the popular models in the post order in terms of price, and function in a ranking format in order of recommendation. From affordable and inexpensive models to high-spec models with large displays, Please select the product carefully and Find the best car navigation system that will let you enjoy your life and comfortable driving!

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How to choose a Car Navigation System – Buying guide

We must have a car navigation system wherever you go, but what are those factors we should pay attention to? Here, we will explain the detail on how to choose online.

Installation type according to the shape and space

There are three types of car navigation systems. First of all, let’s choose the perfect shape according to your needs on how you want to install it in your car and how you want to use it.

1. 2DIN Type: Wiring is not shown and can installed neatly

The 2 DIN type is an integrated product that has a great feature with a large screen, and it fits in the car. while the cable wirings not shown, so it looks neat. However, because it is installed in the car audio space, depending on the car model, it must be installed well below the line of sight.

2. Portable Type: Removable and used at Home

The portable type car navigation system that can remove as needed and installed on the dashboard. However, if you are not in a car for a long-time period which is an unreachable place like a three-dimensional parking lot, Then you can improve the security by removing it.

3. In-dash type: For Cars where 2DIN type cannot install

If the screen built with 1DIN size, and the screen protrudes when used. Whereas, the unit that stores the data will installed at a remote location, such as under the seat. So It can install neatly on the monitor screen. The 2DIN type is a deal for the vehicle that is too large to fit. However, the screen will protrude, and it may interfere with air conditioner outlets and switches.

Choose a recording medium with high processing speed

The recommended media for storing map data and music files are the SSD and memory types. And yet HDD’s are not widely used recently, So here are to types of memory storing device.

“Memory type” Inexpensive used in Car Navigation Systems

Memory for Car Navigation

The memory type used in most car navigation systems in recording medium often for cheap models and yet it’s inexpensive. However, the HDD type was mainstream in recent years. Hence, due to its weakness to impact and the capacity required for car navigation systems. If you do not need a high-speed processing capability, we recommend choosing the memory type.

“SSD type” Good Start-up and High-speed data processing

SSD for Car Navigation System

The SSD’s used as a recording medium that also used in a personal computer, and has gained significantly in market share. Moreover, high-speed processing is a better and recommendable feature. For those who want to operate without feeling stress in the time from startup to startup is fast. However, It’s a little more expensive than a car navigation system equipped with a memory.

Car navigation system with CD and DVD Compatible

When driving for long time travel, children will get tired and feeling annoyed. And yet if your car navigation system supports CD and DVD. And which your children listened to their favorite songs. It also advantages to have this feature.

Top 6 Best Car Navigation System to Buy Online

Here you can check some recommended car navigation in ranking order. Compare the performance and price to find the right car navigation system for you.

6. Kenwood DDX9705S GPS Navigation System

Kenwood DDX9705S 6.95" Navigation GPS DVD Bluetooth Receiver+Backup Camera
Check Price at Amazon Kenwood DDX9705S

5. Garmin Aera660 Touchscreen Aviation GPS

Garmin aera660 Touchscreen Aviation GPS Portable
Check Price at Amazon Garmin aera660

4. Krandonet Android 6.0 Car GPS

Krandonet Android 6.0 12.1" Vertical Screen car Radio GPS Navigation for Ford F150 F-150 2009-2014 Multimedia System KD-FV203-2+64G
Check Price at Amazon Krandonet Android 6.0

3. LinksWell T-Style Head Unit

LinksWell T-Style Head Unit
Check Price at Amazon LinksWell T-Style

2. Alpine Electronics X009-FD1 Car Navigation

Alpine Electronics X009-FD1 9" Restyle Dash System for Select Ford F-150
Check Price at Amazon Alpine Electronics X009-FD1 9

1. Alpine X209-WRA-OR Weather Resistant

Alpine X209-WRA-OR Weather Resistant Car Navigation System
Check Price at Amazon Alpine X209-WRA-OR Weather


How did you like the recommended latest car navigation system? The technology evolves day by day, not only guides you to your destination but also tells you surrounding and traffic information. Moreover, It is more convenient and easy to use while listening to your favorite music, enjoy watching high-quality video on travel. Please refer to the introduced selection method and products here, to find that will enhance your car life.

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