Top 9 Best Motorcycle Helmets to Buy Online

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As one of the priorities when you have a motorcycle, is to have high quality and a very comfortable helmet on the road. The reason why we have to get a high-quality helmet is to protect our heads from being impacted.

Then, The top vehicle involved in a traffic accident is a motorcycle. Motorcycle design as a lightweight vehicle capable of skipping road traffic, even if you’re riding in safe, but there are reckless. So It Inevitable.

There are several Helmets available in the market from well-known brands such as AVG, Scorpion, Arai, X-Lite, Caberg, and Shoei. And It’s quite challenging to decide. Let’s find out what you need to know to pick the right one.

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How to Choose Motorcycle Helmet – Buying Guide

First of all, We will define the importance of how to choose the quality helmet before you buy online.

Choose a lightweight helmet and stylish Shell

Many of us don’t like a heavy helmet, especially if you have worn a very long time travel. The Helmet with a thick shell and quality foam inside is the best protection. So it recommended having those kinds of a helmet for a safer long ride.

Moreover, choose a helmet with stylish and the best for Aerodynamics. Also, wearing a helmet with good looking, comfortable, and safe when your traveling.

Choose the size that fits and makes you comfortable

There are many different sizes in the market, and you’ll be wise on choosing the best fit according to your needs. There are Small, Medium, Large, and Extra large sizes. It would also vary depending on the diameter of your head. So before buying a helmet, you need to know what would be fit and the best for you.

Also, you might choose a helmet that has air ventilation, So that you can breathe and make you comfortable when using it.

Check the Visor lens if it is durable or easy to replace

Fast speeding on your motorcycle can make scratches on your visor lens, Also riding at night would be harder if your visor can’t protect glare from other vehicle meets on the way.

The best thing when you buy a helmet you need to review also the lenses of the visor capable of anti-scratch and anti-glare, You may also check the lenses if it is capable to replace when it’s needed.

Top 9 Best Motorcycle Helmets to Buy Online

At this time, you now take a look at the top high-quality helmets that are available online. We’ve already taken a look at the various features, reviews, and specifications of each best helmets.

9. Bell Qualifier Street Helmet Integrity

Bell Qualifier Helmet
Check Price Bell Qualifier Helmet at Amazon

This Helmet is a lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell construction, and it fits in all sizes, With a washable or removable anti-bacterial interior. It has a 5-years warranty and DOT approved that meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.

8. HJC Max II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Motorcycle Helmet
Check Price HJC Motorcycle Helmet at Amazon

The advance Polycarbonate shell, A lightweight, and superior helmet that will fit and comfort using advanced technology. With the anti-scratch Faceshield 3D design, it also provides 95 percent of U.V ray protection. Capable of advanced channeling ventilation system that flushes heat out.

7. Scorpion EXO-R1 Quartararo Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-R1
Check Price Scorpion EXO-R1 at Amazon

A Great Tool-less helmet that changes Faceshield in seconds, and provides a tighter seal against the gasket. With the optically clear windshield, and it allows easy removal of cheek pads by emergency personnel, this helmet has DOT approved that meets the standard.

6. Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet
Check Price Arai XD4 at Amazon

The Intermediate-round oval shape helmet. With the new Exhaust ports system and larger side cowl vents, and also has a fully removable, replaceable, and washable interior.

5. Shark Unisex Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

Shark Unisex Flip-up Helmet
Check Price Shark Unisex at Amazon

This helmet has a safety lock visor that 4 points of attachment. It optically corrects visor with no distortion. Also, attached Hermetic neck pads that reduce air and noise.

4. AGV Unisex for Adult Motorcycle Helmet

AGV Motorcycle Helmet
Check Price AGV Helmet at Amazon

The Super Lightweight helmet that composed the material of Fiber, Aramid, and Carbon. It’s integrated into the Ventilation system. With clear anti-scratch and fog-resistant visors with 100 percent UV protection, It’s also capable of a quick release system for tool-free visor removal.

3. Nolan N70-2 GT Motorcycle Helmet

Nolan Motorcycle Helmet
Check Price Nolan Helmet at Amazon

The Lexan shell made helmets, with Pinlock visor, and Sunvisor included. Also, It has a feature 2-large intake ventilation system and 2-exhaust vents. Capable for an adjustable neck roll and Microlock buckle.

2. ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Motorcycle Helmet

ScorpionExo EXO-GT920
Check Price ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 at Amazon

The ultra-lightweight shell helmet with TCT shell structure And its utilize a 5-layer formulated fibers that are pre-impregnated resin to create a strong. The visor implemented clear and anti-scratch coating lenses with 100% UV protection. Also, The third generation of Scorpions moisture washable anti-microbial interior that easily removes.

1. Shoei RF-SR Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei RF-SR Motorcycle Helmet
Check Price Shoei Helmet at Amazon

The lightweight multi-ply matrix AIM+ shell construction helmet. Capable of a ventilation system. Also, with the 3D Max-dry Interior system and passed DOT Snell-M2010 DOT standards.


No matter what expensive or a less price helmet, as long as you choose the quality that fits and makes you comfortable. Also, life is too short, so choose wisely and Ride safe.

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