Top 6 Best Motorcycle Chain Cutters to Buy Online

Motorcycle chain cutter used when you change your motorbike chain by yourself. This tool is advisable for those who want to maintain equipment, rather than relying on a contractor to reduce regular maintenance. However, this sold by many manufacturers, such as Alpha Moto, Kryptonite, Kijima Daido, and there are many products some people may not know which product to choose.

At this time, we will now show you how to choose a Motorcycle chain cutter for your motorbike and the recommended popular products that are available online. Let’s choose easy to use chain cutter and maintain your valuable tools.

You must try to cut using chain cutter

Chain replacement is essential when the sound of the chain becomes noisy, and the tension becomes weaker. If you request a contractor, it costly, and if you bring more with better performance, then it may cost more.

The chain needs to change regularly, so if you are confident about playing with the motorbike, you should change the chain yourself in the long run. Even for the first time, as long as you have a particular tool.

How to choose a Motorcycle chain cutter – Buying Guide

When you choose the right motorcycle cutters, there are many points we need to consider. Let’ us check and see how to determine a cutter for your motorcycle.

Choose a product according to the size of the chain

Since the chain may vary the size depending on the motorbike, it is necessary to choose one that matches the chain size of your bike. Product suitable for various sizes is sold, from a small 420 chains to over 600 large chains.

However, if you have multiple motorbikes, such as street and race is also advisable to choose a chain cutter with a large number of compatible sizes and reduce the whole of tools.

Choose caulking press-fit compatible products and more convenient

In the case of caulking type chains, it is advisable to select those products that will also use not only for chain cutting but also for caulking and press-fitting processes. Caulking type is necessary for fixing the pin by press-fitting.

Moreover, many products are only for cutting purposes, but if you choose a product with high versatility, the one that can handle all processes is more convenient. It is also advisable for people who have trouble using multiple tools. However, the caulking work is a tool used in an essential process to determine whether the chain eventually come off, or it may be a good idea to have a caulking tool.

Choose made in Japan products

If you want to use a chain cutter for a long time, you should choose from famous motorcycle parts, such as Daytona, Kijima, Daido, ETC., which have many product users around the world. However, if you want to keep the low cost, then you can buy Chinese products. Even if there is a bad reputation, although there are individual differences and the same symptoms do not appear in all motorcycle chain exchanges. When choosing products from unfamiliar manufacturers, such as those made in China, it is a good idea to check also whether there is no problem with the review evaluation of the person who replaced the chain and the strength of the chain cutter.

Choose with a compact and single product is advisable

There are various sizes of the chain cutters for motorcycles, but if you want to put them together in a single compact size.

Many people have motorbike maintenance tools together with a toolbox, but the tools are always overflowing. However, A toolset that fits multiple sizes is also useful, but the difficulty is that other devices cannot be stored together.

For those who want to keep their toolbox clean with only selected tools, then you can consider whether a small chain cutter is available.

Top 6 Best Motorcycle Chain Cutters to Buy Online

Now, let’s take a look at the most popular product of the motorcycle chain cutter based on a ranking format. Please choose wisely and get the best motorcycle chain cutter that will suit your needs.

1. Motorcycle Chain Press Riveting

Motorcycle Bicycle Chain Press Riveting Cutter Removal Repair Tool
Check Price at Amazon Motorcycle Bicycle Chain

It is a product that can handle chains from 400 series used for small bikes to 500 to 600 series of the large bikes. It is all you need to change the connection from cutting to press-fitting and caulking. Although this product carried from overseas, and the instruction is readable, so you need to follow the instructions, then you will able to work without problems.

2. Aramox Motorcycle Chain Cutter

Aramox Motorcycle Chain Breaker, and Motorcycle Bike ATV Chain Removal
Check Price at Amazon Aramox Chain Cutter

This motorcycle chain cutter is recommended based on Amazon reviews. Because it is a single item, easy to store, and the size is not too big. However, the corresponding chain size is 420 to 530 and used widely. This product has a reputation for being very sturdy, even in reviews. Also, this product is advisable for those who are looking for a product that is easy to store.

3. Motorcycle chain cutter and rivet tool

KM500R Chain Cut and Rivet Tool
Check Price at Amazon Cut and Rivet Tool

This chain cutter is unique, with a very compact body design, and not only chain cutting but also pin fitting with just one product. However, It is advisable for those looking for a small and versatile motorcycle chain cutter.

4. Sunlite Mini Chain Cutter

Sunlite Mini Chain Cutter
Check Price at Amazon Sunlite Mini Chain

You’ll be charmingly astounded by the force and adequacy of the Sunlite Mini given its minute size and modest sticker price. This minimal, helpful little device can pop pins out of any bicycle chain easily and will even work for some heavier-obligation joins.


  • The pin of the shaper is replaceable
  • The weight is only a few ounces
  • The handle inclined to severing

5. Park Mini Chain Cutter Tool

Park Mini Chain Cutter Tool
Check Price at Amazon Park Mini Chain Cutter Tool

The Park Tool CT-5 produced using solidified steel that can withstand long periods of utilization and misuse. It may not be the most agreeable to hold, yet that shouldn’t be an over the top trouble since you can without much of a stretch handle it while wearing your work or riding gloves.


  • Chain cutters Ideal for trail repairs
  • Cannot use to reinsert pins
  • Works on multiple chain types

6. Topeak Universal Chain Cutter

Topeak Universal Chain Cutter
Check Price at Amazon Topeak Universal Chain Cutter

The Topeak Universal has an etched chromium-molybdenum head that can withstand long stretches of normal use as you administration your bound machine or bicycle. You can store additional pins off the beaten path inside the handle, so they developed when you need them.


  • The Chain cutter has a Built-in chain hook
  • Can come apart during use
  • Good choice for on-the-go repairs


Then we already introduced on how to select a Motorcycle chain cutter that used to change the motorbike chain. As mentioned in the article, the Motorcycle chain has a compatible size. Be sure to check whether it used for your motorbike and narrow down to the products that used comfortably.

The products introduced in the rankings are all popular and recommended products that are available to users online. Please refer to the selection of this article and get a perfect chain cutter for your motorcycle.

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