Top 3 Best Shift Knobs to Buy Online

The shift knob that you usually touch next to the steering wheel on a manual car. It is an essential part of accelerating the car. The ease of shifting is greatly affected by the quality and form, so many people will want it to change. However, even if you try to change the shift knob, there are various materials and shapes are available, so you may not know what to choose.

At this time, we will introduce how to select the shift knob and popular products in a ranking format in the following order. A lot of recommendations will appear, so please find your ideal products!

How to Choose a Shift Knobs – Buying Guide

Before the popularity ranking order, let’s first take a look at how to choose a shift knob.

Choose a shift knob that is easy to grasp

The position of the shift knob that you hold during normal driving differs from another person to person. By changing the shift knob to a shape that matches the position you usually hold, the ease of shift change will vary for each step.

Choose Spherical type shift knobs

If you desire to make a shift change by wrapping the shift knob from above, we suggest using a spherical shift knob. The excellent thing is that the spherical shape has a great fit when wrapped in the palm because of its rounded shape. You can enjoy the feeling of unity in the car.

Choose the stick type shift knob

If you usually grip from the side during normal driving, selecting the stick type makes it more comfortable to change gears. As the name suggests, it has an elongated shape like a stick, which makes it easier to stabilize when gripping from the side.

The point is that it can operate like holding a stick, so it is easy to maintain a reasonable position. It is perfect for those who often drive for a long time without burdening their hands.

Choose a barrel type shift knob

If you usually grip from the top of the side, it is safe to select the barrel shift knob. Slightly round and slender here, and it has an intermediate shape between sphere type and stick type and defined by being easy to grasp from above and from the side.

Choose the aluminum with lightness shift knob

If you want quick-shifting, check out the shift knobs made of aluminum! Aluminum shift knobs are extremely lightweight due to the nature of the material. Therefore, it is a great point to be able to perform quick and agile shift operations and to enjoy the direct feeling of humans and horses. It is advisable for those who want to enjoy sporty driving without forcing the gear because it is light.

Choose with stainless steel shift knobs

Stainless steel shift knobs are very heavy compared to other materials. Due to its weight, the shift moves deeply into the back, making it possible to achieve a secure shift change. You can accelerate smoothly without failing in the shift operation.

I don’t want to consider too much discomfort when a shift change goes wrong. In such cases, stainless steel, which increases the confidence of the shift change.

Choose a shift knob Duracon which is lightweight

Duracon is made of resin, and it is charming that it does not have the chill of metal and is easy to use. At the same time, the point is that you can get quick operation feeling with the same lightness as aluminum. Although the sporty impression of aluminum is fading, the functionality is higher.

If you’re worried that the lightness of aluminum is appealing, but the metal doesn’t fit into your hands, take a look at the Duracon shift knob.

Choose Urethane Shift knobs, soft and resistant

Urethane is less sensitive to outside air, and its feature is that its surface temperature does not change significantly when it is hot or cold. Even in mid-summer, you can change gears without trouble. Besides, the softness of the material makes the shift change feel soft and gentle. It is also advisable for those who are not suitable at the metal hardness and touch.

Have you ever felt hot! When you touched the shift knob of a car parked in the hot sun? Especially when the material is metal, it can be very hot in midsummer. If you don’t want to feel such discomfort, consider a Urethane shift knob.

Choose a Carbon shift knobs to create elegantly

The distinctive feature of this type is that the twill design carbon, which is often used in racing cars, is used for the cover material. If you attach a carbon shift knob, the inside of the car will be instantly elegant. You can create the environment as if you are riding a racing car. There is lightness, too, and it drives the sports mind from both design and function!

Many people want to drive a longing racing car. But there is no opportunity to drive that way. In such a case, the carbon shift knob is advisable.

Choose with high-grade Titanium shift knobs

Unlike other material shift knobs, Titanium has a bright color and brilliance. Titanium, which becomes vivid blue by quenching, is attractive for the beauty that sets it apart from other materials’ shift knobs.

In the past, it was genuinely adopted in Honda’s famous TYPE-R series. Just changing the shift knob will create a cockpit with a sense of luxury at once, so it is also advisable for those who want to create a special feeling for the car.

Top 3 Best Shift Knobs to Buy Online

From here on, we will introduce the most famous shift knobs in ranking order. Please choose wisely.

1. Momo Nero Shift Knobs

Momo Nero Shift Knobs
Check Price at Amazon Momo Nero

MOMO is a major Italian car accessories brand that is so famous that nobody remembers if they like cars. It manufactures steering wheels, shift knobs, helmets, etc., and the sporty model of a Japanese car uses the genuine handle of the company.

The leather-made spherical shift knob, which introduced as the first place to be prosperous this time, is also characterized by the high quality that leverages the technology of major companies that have worked on many car parts.

It is made of leather and has a high quality, and it is also cool with a glossy black. It has high user ratings for ease of grip and shift feel, as well as a sense of security, luxury, and high quality.

2. AllureEyes Crystal Shift Knobs

AllureEyes Crystal Shift Knobs
Check Price at Amazon AllureEyes Shift Knobs

This product ranked in 2nd is a perfect product for those who want a healing space in the car. The transition from green at the bottom to blue at the top is very vivid, and the air bubbles inside create a more fantastic atmosphere. It feels like you’re watching an aquarium. The presence of this product transforms the interior of the car into a healing space, so it is no surprise that there is much demand for trucks.

3. Dewhel Round Shifting Knob

Dewhel Round Shifting Knob
Check Price at Amazon Dewhel Shift Knobs

The product introduced in 3rd place is a heavy stainless steel spherical shift knob. As the name says, heavyweight, and it assists the shift operation powerfully, it is advisable for those who are hard to enter the gear due to the bitterness, or who want a smooth shift operation. The point is that it is easy to match any car with a simple design.


The shift knob is a small part of the car, but it is an important part that changes dramatically the atmosphere, and shifts feel. It’s easy to change, and you can feel the effect, so please take a look at the article and get the shift knob that suits you!

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